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AI for your bot?

Eliza is an algorythum written in the 60's by a dude called Joseph Weizenbaum. Here is a sample program as a web applet.  



 Could this be a semi easy to use answer to giving a robot a persnality? 

 I dont think it would be that hard to place her into a robot with a screen at face height and a keyboard at waist height for interaction. WIth a bit of time and effort the screen could be replaced with a voice and the keyboard with a micraphone. 

 From looking at some of the code the input/response could be catered to anything, walter could be asked to get a beer and then give feedback about not being able to open the door for example, he could even go as far as telling you how much battery life he has left when asked how he feels.



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Hi edgee,

Funny I had a similiar idea.  There are other "Turing Test" AI/Expert systems on the web too.  For example, Alice  is a web based expert system.  Unfortunately they do not give out the source code.  However, my bot is interent enabled.  Right now it can fetch stuff on the internet and speak the text retrieved.  Soon, I'll be working on the speech recognition (integrating Sphinx 4) - so it can turn a request spoken to it into text.

The basic flow is this.

1. Say something to it

2. Sphinx4 changes this into text

3. The text is sent over the internet to Alice

4. The response is collected - and sent to the Text To Speech Processor

5. Lokibot responds with what Alice would have responded with

Kindof like a cheesy AI - but amusing

Right now Loki does not have the Sphinx 4 speech recognition piece, but he can and does download random jokes from this site.


Below is code snippet.

        HTTPClient http = new HTTPClient("http01");
        Random generator = new Random();
        int jokenum = generator.nextInt(600) + 1;
        String ret = http.get("http://www.extremefunnyhumor.com/joke.php?id=" + jokenum);
        ret = http.parse(ret, "<div class=\"jokealign\">", "</div>");

truly amazing, id love to see a video of it! 

sure - I'll upload something in the next couple week - I have some motor control walk-through I need to slog through first.  On the speech stuff, it's funny how much emotion is convayed through inflection.  The current voice lokibot uses does not do/have inflection

he's very deadpan, as funny as my sister :P 

Yeah a lot is body language too, i reckon walters head movements would help convey emotion. 
I work with php/mysql at work, i can get it running on my server in no time :D 
I remember Eliza... We had it on our original Mac --back when a DSDD 800k floppy was huge! I must have been 10 or so and I remember playing with that (her) for hours.