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Uhhh World Education Services, or Advanced Micro...

Hello all,


My name's Boris Jovic, I live in the Vancvouer, canada area.

I recently bought a bunch of things off a site , World education services. Not a big order really, a 28X chip, a new bread board and a servo. After an email from paypal, a recipt of payment to the seller, I waited for an email or some sort of notification from WES but nothing. So three days later I send them an email, asking about my order. No response, I try their business line, but I'm always sent to an answering machine, no matter what time i call. I've called in the early morning, in the afternoon, at 4 am..always the machine. So 2 weeks later, fed up with them I open a claim with paypal and hope this will get their attention but nothing. So again 4 days later I send them an email, and open a dispute, as of now I have yet to receive any communication from them.


I've left my number and email with them..

Hopefully I'll get a refund and use that money towards a Canadian company.



Don't buy from these people :P


Due to legal concern, they have contacted me and have asked me to remove the picture I had up here.




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 You're supposed to be a business owner, and yet you take customer service claims on a blogs comment board, do you even have a business license?


Bravo, real professional. 

I love this stuff "David vs. Goliath". I got the popcorn and my drink. 'Intently watching for the next scene'.

I've placed 2 orders with WES.  The first one went just as it should.  On the second order, I was short shipped by one item.  When I politely informed Andrew of it, he politely replied, and took care of it in a couple of days.  I have no complaint about that.  An honest mistake was made, and corrected.  End result:  I'm a Happy customer.

But a friend had exactly the opposite experience, and I did not understand why.  It may have been because of the tone of my friend's correspondence.  I'm not privy to the emails between them.

Will I do business with WES ( Andrew ) again ?

Yes, I will. 

You are listening aren't you Andrew?

I've been there.  It's VERY difficult to be a small businessman.  I know that from personal experience. But you may need to be a little more responsive to your customers.

Fot the rest of you guys, cut him just a little slack.  Don't send him pissy emails, and don't expect him to ship high demand items the next day.

Duane S

Wilson, NC  USA