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Woody -The Line Following Robot

Line follower

This is my first robot, a line follower.

I got the idea and schematic from David Cook's book 'Robot Building for Beginners' at robotroom.com. Great book for first timers.

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That's a good start, keep up the good work. You mentioned that getting parts was expensive in NZ. I live in Queensland Australia but I thought some of the places I get parts from might be able to help you.

The cheapest place for most IC's, transistors, regulators etc. is Futurlec. They are very slow so order your parts at least three weeks in advance. No I'm not joking unfortunately, one order took 3 months to arrive.

Oatley Electronics have picaxe processors and a good range of kits and large dc motors. 

Ocean Control have the Sharp IR rangefinder as well as many other Pololu products.

Robotics is expensive but hopefully these almost local shops can help you.

Thanks this is exactly the type of info I was hoping to get when I posted this post. I was looking at Solarbotics and they charge nearly $40 US to send the minimum of anything! Ouch.


Pretty awesome, it does pretty well. Have you tried anything else from "Robot Building" ?

No, that's all I've done so far. My next project will be a more complicated one, I'll be following the project on the 'Start here' link on this site.

In New Zealand parts are expensive, so I need to research the cost effectiveness of using overseas suppliers. Also I can't seem to find a supplier for the Sharp infrared ranger in NZ. So will have to use the SRF05. 

But first I need some help with a project that I want to complete regarding building a flashing light for my bicycle that will be running via PICAXE 08. But I will start a new post for that.