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Arduino nano Vs. Roboduino nano

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"arduino compatible" means that it is programmable with Arduino software and implements all of the core Arduino functionality. 

i am wondering if the one labeled "roboduino nano" is mislabeled. the "roboduino" is designed to make it easy to use multi servos. http://www.curiousinventor.com/kits/roboduino and is a "arduino compatible".

I dont see that functionality with the one labeled roboduino nano, it just mentions the nano stuff. 

it looks similar to the arduino nano, with a much more attractive price tag. any idea which co produces them or where the datasheet can be downloaded?

They are exactly the same except the price tag. 

Since the arduino's copyright issue, other similar board is not able to use it.  That is all. 

I have just received one roboduino nano and my first tests indicate some bugs with the UART.


I also own an arduino nano and i have made a simple serial communication testing code which i use to check how it works with the xBee module. With the arduino it works excellent but the roboduino likes to cause me some trouble. I'll try to ask the seller and run some more tests and I'll get back to you with the results.

If anyone else has more info on the roboduino and any other differencies/incompatibilities please share it.

Ok, it seems that they are identical. My mistake was that i powered the Xbee through the roboduino but apparently the Xbee draws more current than the roboduino can supply. Using an external supply for the Xbee solved my problem.