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SRF05 Ultra Sonic Range finder

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IMHO the best way to have your robot measure distance to objects. Fast and accurate.

If you are using Picaxe, you may find this info useful: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/66

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DAGU made a holder for us. It can be used as Pan / Tilt or just as Pan or Tilt:



Oh, and note that if you use it just as Pan, you can mount the sensor on the inside, so it is working from above the center of the servo horn.

My srf-005 only has one set of holes to. It is working, but I am eperiencing this blinking problem


It is probably not related to this but please let me know if you are having similar problems with your.

I figured it out the top set of pins is for when they programed the chip during manufacturing and the bottom are for us. i also bought mine at
i just got my SRF'S and my sensors only have one set of holes for connections and not two will that cause a problem with installation into robots.  I dont have a camera so i modified your image.SRF005.png
anyone have any good ideas on how to attach this one to a servo? just gluing it together won't look too good imo, and it will make it hard to remove the SRF05 again :/
http://letsmakerobots.com/node/7273  it shows how to make a reusable servo mount.

First I did this: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/155 (Last two pictures). It wasn't good, because it was only mounted in one of the holes.

Then soldered the pinheader on a perfboard, instead of using a connector, glued the perfboad to the servo horn. I didn't have any problems removing it, since hot-melt glue can be "broken" with a reasonably amount fo force.

I have used angle aluminum and corners of plastic, cut to length., Then drill for the 2 diagonal holes on the sensor and a couple in line holes on the other side to attach to the servo horn. Usually use a couple stand-offs with nut and bolt to attach the sensor, and a couple screws to the servo horn, it all seemes to work pretty well. Sometimes good to zip-tie the sensor wires to the horn, to prevent flexing on the sensor PCB.