Let's Make Robots!


Scare people!

I was talking to Grog in the shoutbox about tentacles and Grog mentioned joining windscreen wiper motors together. The result Ladies and Gentlemen is the Grogerpillar! A huge version of the caterpillar that will scare the pants off any would be burglar!

I've been slowly buying these motors and the giant servo controllers over the last year for BoozeBots arms. Looks like he's going to have to wait a bit longer. Each motor and servo kit cost me aprox. $22 AUD and the servo kits cost $40 AUD.

I'm not certain how big it will be yet. I don't want it to be so big that it can't move around my tiny flat. If I allow 200mm (8 inches) in length per segment and there are 7 segments + head + tail then it will still be aprox. 2 meters long (6ft 8 inches).

I will probably use 10x "D" cell NiMh batteries (9AH). This will be expensive but will allow the weight to be distributed evenly and give about 2hrs of continuous running.

More to come .....

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You could try building one of these, but not quite so large!


I've just ordered another kilo of polysmurf. See how far that goes. Aluminium sheet was my other option but I don't have the workspace and tools at the moment.


I trust you are going to install some kind of "Dead mans Switch" - 2 meters of wriggling motors will be a fun when you are tryng to catch it to switch it off.........

Pictures come to mind of anaconda snakes spiralling around thier prey in Deep Amazon forests - though having waterproof componants helps..

Good luck with the development...

Maybe a snake version this time. Caterpillar was quite capable of snake movements without the feet. It would mean that it would not have to lift it's body weight so much for normal movements.
What a heck is that???  :D  


i can not beleve, another worm?

you the best

So this is where the Terminator robot series T-xxxx begins :D

Oh my God, it's Huge !  You already have 8 servo kits?  How would you rate those servo kits?  What is the resolution?  I think I need to get some servo's just to experiment with.  You mentioned that you only needed 3 positions in your previous pillar, I'm guessing (yet servo ignorant) that you would probably want more positions for this beast - to move it more smoothly?

I think I'm starting to see the bueaty of servo control - were you can feed an actuator absolute positioning, steppers are nice for relative positioning, dc motors you always need some sort of feedback (pot or encoder)

The liquid system from splat-bot, a little lighter fluid , I'm tellin you, I see Dragon potential!  :D

Awesome project OddBot !

The servo kits use a standard analog servo control IC but with a heavy duty FET output capable of handling up to 50A without heatsinks. The resolution is only limited by the software and processor speed. Although the small caterpillar only ran the servos in 3 basic positions it is handy to have more and yes it can be made to move smoothly.

It so happens I did briefly experiment with writting LMR in flames with SplatBot. Metholated spirits worked well and gave a nice blue flame but it was hard to get a constant stream and you need a reliable ignition system. Mine worked great until I tried to video it at which point it became camera shy.

Great plan but expensive.