Let's Make Robots!


Scare people!

I was talking to Grog in the shoutbox about tentacles and Grog mentioned joining windscreen wiper motors together. The result Ladies and Gentlemen is the Grogerpillar! A huge version of the caterpillar that will scare the pants off any would be burglar!

I've been slowly buying these motors and the giant servo controllers over the last year for BoozeBots arms. Looks like he's going to have to wait a bit longer. Each motor and servo kit cost me aprox. $22 AUD and the servo kits cost $40 AUD.

I'm not certain how big it will be yet. I don't want it to be so big that it can't move around my tiny flat. If I allow 200mm (8 inches) in length per segment and there are 7 segments + head + tail then it will still be aprox. 2 meters long (6ft 8 inches).

I will probably use 10x "D" cell NiMh batteries (9AH). This will be expensive but will allow the weight to be distributed evenly and give about 2hrs of continuous running.

More to come .....

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Yes it is but since I have most of it any way the only real expense is the batteries.

If I get tired of watching it scare people I can reuse all the parts for BoozeBot. 

Thatas about £1.50 isnt it? 

That thing is gonna be immense dude. I cant wait :p 
that is about 20 euros, not 1.50. American money isn't that worthless  :)
We won't go into what it's worth these days :(
Thats gonna rock