Let's Make Robots!

You guys are my heroes!

I am all emotional, so maby I should not be writing this :D

However: Life is treating me in ways that makes it impossible to have almost any time on LMR or in the workshop these days.

It has been really bad for some months, and I sort of drifted off, silently accepted that I cannot do everything that I want in life..

Then tonight, one friday night where I finally got a little time, I enter this amazing site, and wow.. You guys are just going on, all is the same, how cool!

I am so glad you are all in here still :D Thanks!

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Yea I have to say I love this site.  I come to it every single day and leave it up in a window the entire time I'm online.  Your the reason why I'm building my first obstacle avoiding robot and my first robot.  You made it possible with your start here robot to show peoples that anyone can do it you just have to have a good place to start.  Believe me this is the best site I have ever seen on the internet.
Thanks guys :D

Oh, and do we need to spell out that at least 90% of us actually dared to build our first obstacle avoider because of you?

Technically that makes you our hero as well...

 -I thought about writing a long ramble about looking at the positive things, and there's always nice things in life besides surfing LMR and playing with your glue gun, but then I remembered that this site is called LETSMAKEROBOTS, not LETSPLAYSHRINK so, I won't say any of that. 

i myself MUST visit this website at least twice daily. I have no choice. It's an addiction. What other websites are like LMR? none.

I hear ya fritsl, I've been in a similar boat, just now have time to catch up on what everyone has been doing. I now have an offical work area to work on my stuff...will dig up my old projects once again and bring them back to life.

 Glad to see ya back!

Hey, thanks & looking forward to seeing some MORE of your stuff :)
Sad to hear things are not so well in Fritsland but you will always have LMR as your happy place :)

im glad to see your name back in the shoutbox fritsl.

ive been wondering here the inventor of ydm had gone.

keep up the robot building and programming

Tom J 


hope things get better for robot building fritsl

look forward to seeing more fritslbots