Let's Make Robots!

Because there are not only robots in life...

...i wanted to show some of my others projects. I made them few years ago...

First, a clock, featuring... me ^_^

And something different, a short movie from the time i was doing mountainboard and at the same time was discovering special FX.

Hope you'll enjoy!

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Dude that was incredible editing! What did you use? After effects? I also make movies and I'm looking for an alternative to wmm.

Top LOL!!

Nice, thanks :D

Thanks guys, glad you liked it! :D

"What did you use? After effects?"

I used Photoshop, Premiere, SoundForge, 3DsMax and After Effects.

I spent 12 nights on it, sometimes it was quite difficult because the movies wasn't shot to be edited like that, so i had to deal with a lot of shakes, non steady image etc... Most of the work was rotoscoping, and when you know that there are 25 images/second, and that for example the lightsaber part is about 5 seconds... Ô_ö

 "You say you used to mountain board? Too many injuries?"

Kind of... after many scars, many many burns, a broken rib, and a lot of limping, it was time for me to stop...

"The clock was also cool, I think you just joined the "Show your face" club here at LMR."

Actually, for me it's more the "Show you stupid face" club :)