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Walks around

I've spent quite a bit of time on the mechanical design on this robot, maybe more then was strictly necessary since I used this opportunity to learn SolidWorks, and since all the parts are laser cut, absolutely everything must be modeled.

All the body pieces are laser-cut, excluding the obvious bolts, threaded rods, and electrical parts.

The pictures you see here are from the assembly of the 3rd prototype and so far I'm pleased with how it’s turned out. I've successfully driven it around on my coffee table, but very little electrical work has been done on it yet other then a closed-loop test script.

I’m planning to publishing the plans open-source style as soon as I’m happy with everything. there’s also the possibility of a kit in the works.

Videos and more details soon, so stay tuned here and on 4volt.com/blog.


IMG_2046%20(edited)_thumb_1.jpg  IMG_2044%20(edited)_thumb.jpg
IMG_2047%20(edited)_thumb.jpg  IMG_2048%20(edited)_thumb.jpg
Leg-Pair-1-Animation_thumb.gif  IMG_1996_thumb.jpg  IMG_1962_thumb.jpg
  IMG_1959_thumb.jpg  IMG_1950_thumb.jpg

Update: Now with video! http://vimeo.com/4221721

I can't seem to embed my vimeo video for some reason, sorry! 

If you are intrested in the source files to cut your own copy, see 4volt.com/projects/jansen/

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Socks huh? Too bad for transparent styling, all the better for grip. I'm loving it.


Yah the plastic is pretty slipery, expecially on a table. What you see is the rubber dip that is made for dipping tool handles in, it works very well and is fairly inexpensive especailly for such a small amount.
That deserves a mention in the component section.


I finally got around to making a good view of how the leg is put together, I know you wanted to see how the layers work, so here's a link:

Lots of spacers and extra nuts I notice. Not just to fill up a "missing" layer in the cake, but also to seperate two parts that would otherwise rub against each other.
OMG... Have You made it ALL YOURSELF? Nice job!!!
Yah, it was kind of a fun challange to try and make everything, also saved me some money...
I really didn't expect it to be as wide as that.
It could be narrowed a few inches, maybe more with a small redesign. In the 4th version will combine the two leg sections to be closer together, like in the animation.
i love the walking movement of the legs. must have taken some time to make them move so smoothly.