Let's Make Robots!

Retlaw (Walter's little bro)

As I wait for parts for Walter, I decided to get back to my "Start Here" bot. I had an old Playmobile tank which had some pretty fantastic treads on it. Badda-boom-badda-bing, Retlaw the little robot. This, of course, is just the basic chassis and will eventually get a proper head and sensors and the like but for now, tell me these treads don't kick ass!

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I honestly didn't think you could mount those broad tracks with that wheel. I stand corrected. (Asuming the video will show it moving once its online and available)

I'll wont award stars until I see the vid. 

Like the big gear of the back and the slope on front!


Dude this is awesome! I wish I had your kind of skill at modifying toys. :(

Actually, I do have a stupid "remote control metal detector robot" that has tank treads. Gotta disable the clutch somehow, every time it goes up a slight incline or hits a tiny pebble it makes this horrible ratchety noise and doesn't go anywhere. 

is there probably to protect your electronics or motors or gears. When a motor gets stalled (motion is blocked while applying full power) it will draw the most possible current. That effect has fried more motor controllers than Ronald has hamburgers.
Okay, maybe it wasn't a great idea. :( Still, I could steal the treads and a couple of the wheels and add my own motors...
The motors are probably fine. But stalling your motor (or any motor) will endanger your motor controllers. Search LMR for a description. You will find a lot of ready made components by Polulu. Restrict your search to tips and forums.