Let's Make Robots!

Retlaw (Walter's little bro)

As I wait for parts for Walter, I decided to get back to my "Start Here" bot. I had an old Playmobile tank which had some pretty fantastic treads on it. Badda-boom-badda-bing, Retlaw the little robot. This, of course, is just the basic chassis and will eventually get a proper head and sensors and the like but for now, tell me these treads don't kick ass!

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lol those treads look kick ass, cant wait to see them in action
Nice, treaded bots are my favourites!!!!

MIKE: finally a man that knows more about toys than myself, good.

These were the only playmobil tracks I found and the weren't half as cool:


Chris: Just hack ol' Walters head on top of the retlaW base, and you've got total awesomeness. Granted it doesn't topple over of course:-P

EDIT: Oh wait. Are the tracks from the Dino Transporter kit?


We have a bout a gazillion tons of playmobil, including a fairytale castle, the modern house (with all the extension packs and interiors), three or four castles, a pirate island, two pirate ships, Noah's ark. a stage coach, the arctic explorer (dino) sets, a circus, a zoo, some farm stuff, and more people, animals and little bits than you could possibly count.

We also have Brio, Lego, Happy Street, and now WarHammer 40K in similar quantities.

Yup, we do toys on a semi-industrial scale.

Not until video proves otherwise!
I'm fairly sure that Playmobil wouldn't make a tank. I thought the tracks were familiar, I think they are from the arctic explorer truck as are the red idlers that you have added. One of my favourite Playmobil models.
Always willing to help out Chris :D
Why did you want me to say that? They DO kick ass!