Let's Make Robots!

My shopping list

This is my personal shopping list, comment or recommend please :)


2 of: http://www.hobbypartz.com/kahaoubrmo11.html

2 of: http://www.hobbypartz.com/topromisesg9.html

1 of: http://www.makershed.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=MSBAT1

1 of: http://www.makershed.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=MKSP4

1 of: http://www.makershed.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=MKAD6

1 potentiometer from RadioShack

I have an LED, I'll probably buy more at RS though.


Anything else that's cheap that I could have fun with, preferably at radioshack, (I don't want to buy from another online store) would be cool if you could recommend.

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From the looks of that list you’re just starting out with microcontrollers, am I right??? If so, you’re going to want to build an inventory of parts. Just all sorts of stuff, especially transistors, resisters and capacitors. The best way is to collect a bunch of old electronics, rip out the circuit boards and go at them with a soldering iron disordering every part you see. Things to look for, computer mother boards, VCRs (fun mechanical parts as well), TVs (be careful of high voltages, do some research), telephones, clocks, radios, you get the picture. Ask your friends for all their old junk.

I have ever only used a BASIC Stamp, so I don’t know much about the Arduino. But as for new stuff you may want to order and play around with some registers, memory chips, ADC and DACs, and rs232 drivers. Also that battery clip you want is great for robots but you should look into making or buying a wall wart if you plan on sinking or sourcing much current as the battery will dye quick, especially with servos.   

I’m fairly new to all this as well so that’s just my 10 cents (inflation LOL)

Good luck, and remember never pass up a piece of gold (junk), even if it’s in someone’s garbage.

Thanks, I'm on a fairly low budget, with me needing a phone and all these new things that I <sarcasm>ABSOLUTELY NEED</sarcasm> And my dad won't let me take apart too many things because he doesn't want me to take apart things I spent a lot of money on, even if I had completely forgotten about it.

I'm off to my ugly basement to find exciting random electronics.


[and yes, I'm just starting with microcontrollers]

Ok well low budget describes most of us, so don’t ever let it discourage you. I mean look at me I’ve been working on a 3-axis CNC since 7th grade, I graduate high school in about a month and it’s still not finished, for what reason, lack of money… If I had money I could have built that thing in a week LOL!!! And your listen to your dad, if something still works just leave it be. Keep your eyes on the lookout for junk, always!!! Do you have a local electronics recycling center, sometimes they will let you take a few circuit boards if you promise to bring the scraps back to them. How old are you by the way? Oh and I’ll get you a list of cool sites ok!!!  

I'm only 11, so my dad will be helping me build the robot for the most part, but I'll be doing the coding... Because my dad and I can both agree that I'm better at coding than him :P

And since my last post, I've already said good-bye to a $1 remote and a $0.02 blinking circular reflector thing... lol.

Very nice choices, but you'll need a different battery pack to run the servos. A 9 volt isn't powerful enough (current) where 4 AAs work very well for servos, rated for 4.8 volt (rechargeable) operation. Remember to tie the grounds together if you use both the 9 volt ( to power the Arduino) and a 4.8 volt pack (for the servos).

Thanks, I forgot about the servos. Can I do something like this for the servo+arduino connection? Sorry for bad diagram, did it in like 5 mins in paint.


I already have a couple 4AA battery packs, so I should be good there.

Yup that is how it works.
Okay thanks.
Just make sure you connect the 2 ground wires to each other.
Wait, huh?