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My shopping list

This is my personal shopping list, comment or recommend please :)


2 of: http://www.hobbypartz.com/kahaoubrmo11.html

2 of: http://www.hobbypartz.com/topromisesg9.html

1 of: http://www.makershed.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=MSBAT1

1 of: http://www.makershed.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=MKSP4

1 of: http://www.makershed.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=MKAD6

1 potentiometer from RadioShack

I have an LED, I'll probably buy more at RS though.


Anything else that's cheap that I could have fun with, preferably at radioshack, (I don't want to buy from another online store) would be cool if you could recommend.

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OK awesome, FIRST teams are all about being gracious and professional so let them help you. I used to be and still am very shy, something I have to work really hard at and make conscience efforts to improve every day. I don’t know anything about you but you’re just like me I can tell. And as a caring human bean I want you to succeed and I’m willing to help. Would it help if I called this robotics team for you? I could explain to them your situation and like I said, just get you in there look at some stuff and meet a few really awesome people. I’m serious id do that for you! Or even e-mail, if you can just tell me what the name of your high school is or even what team number they are I’ll get a hold of someone for you. And again don’t be shy!!! Especially in classes, if you have a question ask it, that’s something I regret not doing every day.

Ok that’s all right, this robotics club? Do you know if it’s a FIRST team? Well whatever it is go there, seriously go to one of their meetings and just check it out. I’m currently on the team at school and I know I’d be supper excited if someone like you showed up, even if you are in middle school. Id show you around our shop, let you mess with the robot, and most importantly just let you watch us work on stuff, that’s how you learn!!! So please I encourage you to call over to the high school and ask to speak to the teacher who is in charge of robotics, and see if you can’t set up a day to go over there. I guaranty whoever you speack to would be very impressed that you called and tell you to come on over, who knows you may get some free stuff… I know we have a bunch of scrap Lexan, wire, tubing, and hardware that id let you take home.   If you have never heard of FIRST look it up http://usfirst.org/and I have pictures and movies of our robot on this site so search: "2009 FIRST FRC Robot, Team 2197"

Good luck!

*takes 5 minutes to look up*


Yes, our high school is part of FIRST.

But I'm too shy to talk to the robotic peoples... :P

This is great I’m glad to see that you’re asking questions, and not just taking someone’s word! And that analogy is perfect, going to use it sometime! You’re not a "noob" trust me, there is no one out there that knows absolutely everything there is to know about every electrical component. Though I must say there are defiantly some very experienced people and it amazes me to talk with them!!! Hey question do you have a Digital Electronics class at school? We do, and I was in it last year, good place to pick up some resisters, LEDs, and logic chips (AND, OR, NOR, IN….)


No electronics class at school, and none in middle school, but there's a robotics club in high school, but it's about 4 yrs away :(
Why would I need to do that? Sorry, I'm a noob and I want to understand these things :P

Relative voltage, a 5 volt logic signal generated by the Arduino could appear to be 0.1 volts at the servo, unless a "common ground" is shared to measure the voltage from. If the ground of the servo power is connected to the ground of the Arduino power, then 5 volts from the Arduino looks like 5 volts on the servo.

Imagine you, standing 5' whatever on the floor, with your buddy also standing 5' whatever on a platform beside you. Because you both aren't on a "common floor" he appears much taller than you. If you both use the floor as a reference, then you are the same height. The ground wire between the 2 power sources makes them start from a common floor. 

Thanks, makes sense now :)

All he means is just put a jumper between the ground of both the 4.5v bat-pack and the 9v bat.



Thanks, I forgot about the servos. Can I do something like this for the servo+arduino connection? Sorry for bad diagram, did it in like 5 mins in paint.


I already have a couple 4AA battery packs, so I should be good there.