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I need some major help! Expensive junk....

Alrighty y'all.


I am building a rather expensive but ambicious project- a walking chair.  Problem is, money.  This is what I have so far:



And this is what's left ( I need 2 of these babies)



I have already exhausted like almost 500 bucks over the past year on experiments and finalization.  I just applied for a job (I'm in high school) but I don't know if I'll get it.  IfI do, then great, but that'll be (I'm estimating)a whole summer's worth of work to pay this off.  I've been working so hard, even documenting every single drawing and doodle I make, so I must finish it!


I need only about another 200 bucks. My current options are:

-Sell my PS3 :(

-Hope for the job

-All of my birthday money and more

-Wait and save every penny


I guess that's really all I can do:  If there is any more suggestions, please shoot 'em at me.  I'm open to almost anything right now.

OH! And if you guys know of any cheaper actuators, links would be much appreciated (other than ebay- they don't have anything better)



Thank you all!

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How about air? You can buy a 12v portable air pump for around $10 at Wal-Mart. You could probably even find something with higher CFM at Harbor Freight or even online somewhere. Trip to Menards will get you all the parts for the cylinders and air tanks estimate all that to be about $55 and then search e-bay for some solenoid valves. If you can’t find anything on eBay for a reasonable price, I have been known to use garden valves; they can also be picked up at Menards for approximately $9 apiece. I don’t know just throwing it out there, I’ve done it so I know it works and it’s fairly cheap. Only difference is, you would need to make a bigger cylinder then I did, but the fundamentals are the same. Mine was 1” bore approximately 32” stroke. Wait I just scrolled up and saw factors such as 200lbs and 500lbs so scrap my idea, maybe another project, again just an idea…

well, i'll be honest, i know air is better and cheaper, but i am very amature at things like that.  i know this is the best solution (i've seen other 'walking chairs' with this), but i am more of an electronics guy, not ready for that complicated just yet :)


thanks tho

Try using old car jacks driven by a windscreen motor or something. Car Jacks are heaps strong enough and dirt cheap from the wreckers. This is a picture of the bottle jack used on BoozeBots waist. It is driven by a 24V 100W motor from an electric scooter. In your case a scissor jack may be a better choice.


i like it.  but i think i would have to modify my bot though in order to incorporate the much bulkier jack.

but i think this is a great idea, thanks.  iwill have to ponder this a lot, but i think if I can figure out a way to mount it, i would save over 150 bucks.


thanks so much!

I would vote for prostitution, period...

Now in terms of the actuators, be sure you are figuring in mecanical advantage and are sure that 200# is going to be enough. If you are moving an average size guy, 160 lbs turns into a 200lbs guy figuring in a margin of error. now this 200# rating is only if you are at a 1:1 ratio, depending on where you are mounting the actuator in reference to your fulcrum, you might need more than that.

Telling a 15Yo to earn money that way. Forehead slap for you.

yeah mechanical advantage is tough.  I'm prettly light, and as long as i configure the robot to take very small baby steps it can take the strain... max static load is 500 lbs.


not too sure about your  method of money making though...