Let's Make Robots!

Robotic penguins... and other stuff

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Nice link - the "Rapid Prototype" 3D modeling arm impressed me i must say - (not because it can make chocholate 3D forms though :-)

That robot arm should be cheap and simple to build. Hobby shops sell strong flexable plastic cables for model aircraft that allow the servo to opperate a a rudder, elevator etc. from a distance. It may even be possible to get fibre glass ones if you pay enough.


Incredible robots, I love the flexy, organic, arty chrome air penguins. Found Festo's Youtube page. Really cool ideas for robot actuation. I hope to have some robo-legs that work from a pair of source actuatots, but the flexy stuff will have to wait til later.

Thats pretty cool stuff that they have there.love theultrasonic sensor array for that penguin...

The active wall and molecubes are pretty cool projects  as well.