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How to wire a bumper switch

Wire it like this picture and "jump" would be the code that is executed when the button is pressed...


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Why all that complicated stuff?

I always just wire a switch from V to the input port, one line, single, effective, arty and nice :)

Oh - RTFMF, it is because you use the pre-made boards!

From the Picaxe Manual 1, page 57:


Shouldn't you "debounce" the switch as well for most applications?

edit : differing manual versions appear to be the issue that I have run into.

page 58 showed the tutorial for buttons in an older (july 08)manual without a schematic, while page 58 in the latest manual appears to have the schematic in a summary of the tutorails section.


update your manual if you haven't already.

This post was posted for only one reason...

I spent my valuable time trying to help a fellow LMR'er. This person stated he had read the manual, so I continued with my help assuming this person sorta "knew the basics". He stated the manual was in "technical talk" and not in plane English and he could not understand it. When I finally asked what exactly he did not understand about the "switch section" and then, what page he was seeing it on, he then stated he indeed had not read the fucking manual.

This post is to simply show the utter lazyness of some folks asking for info. I found the info in the manual, copied the image and posted it here really just to illustrate that indeed, a simple easy-to-follow picture was in the manual.

What did we learn here?

If you have not even taken the simplest of steps to even locate the manuals, let alone skimmed them for the information you need, and need people like myself to copy it and spoon-feed it to you... You are indeed a lazy fuck and will not get my help.

This is getting old quick.


Plain English... English is not a plane it cannot fly.
I blame it on "rage-typing"...

I had to. I couldn't hold it back. I don't mind when people ask questions but when it is CLEAR they haven't tried to find the answer themsleves first it gets on my nerves too. What REALLY gets me is when people ask for someone to do their homework FOR them. I put all of my projects off until the last minute when I was working on my computer science degree too but I didnt expect people to do it for me NOW in exchange for me learning it later. If you won't learn it FOR a project you certainly wont learn it AFTER the project.

We all have those days, but I had to point out the spelling error ;) 

lesson learned. I feel it obligatory to point out that this was indeed me, and while i feel i have made sufficient progress since first joining i have also succumbed a few times to being lazy. At first the schematic seemed intimidating, because i have no experience reading them (robotics/coding is something i've taken up in my own time completely separate from school as no courses remotely related to either are offered). However with the help of chris i was able to sort through it quickly, however i also feel responsible to own up to my mistakes and/or acts of laziness. If chris is willing to spend the time and effort to help a beginner like me, i feel that it is only right if i honor it with a response. Also i plan on staying here for the foreseeable future and i dont want to have a bad rep. And while some questions may be answered here or on google, they may not be tailored to the asker's specific needs, i think this should at least warrant a chance in the shout box if not its own post. I would just like to formally apologize again, and next time (if there is one) if i ask a newbie question dont bother giving me page numbers or help, RTFM works fine.
I completely understand. In my undergrad I had a 2.78 GPA because I put all my programming project off until th enight before and submitted them as incomplete. I understand ;) However as a word of advice always start early or you dont learn what you need to and fall further behind. I would have saved myself a lot of time and money if I had started on projects shortly after they were assigned rather than shortly before they were due. I'm not trying to throw you under the bus rather I'm trying to get you off the road.
well said, thanks again for the help with the switch and now this.