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Robot Cube?

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While this may not be as awesome (or mobile) as the other robots but its something i've been wanting to do for a while ever since i saw one on youtube. Right now it consists of two 2x2 LED squares and a 2x1 line, in the end it will be 3x3 however i somehow lost LEDs : /. This is very basic however seems like a source of near endless fun, it also helps to reinforce simple programming knowledge. I also didnt have time for a video or a real demo but if people want one i guess i could make it before its complete.Questions or comments, ill take both. 

Picture_045.jpg obviously suposed to be an "L"

Picture_046.jpg "M" fail..

Picture_047.jpg "r" somewhat fail (just realized this but this is not the first image upside down : / hopefully this will look better when its 3x3

Picture_048.jpg Wirings still a mess but ill worry about that after its morecube like



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You can control lots of LEDs with a Picaxe 28X1, The manual will show you how to get more outputs. Read all three manuals at least once.

Google multiplexing and charlieplexing for more information on getting the most from your outputs.

Pulse Width Modulation (this one is for free) will control the brightness of a LED.

In order to control more LEDs than you have outputs on your Picaxe Micro, you will need clever use of POV. That one is for you to Google.