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IR Sensor Help.....

When I connect my servo to the board it starts heating up really bad. I am not sure whats wrong or where it's supposed to go.

I'm connecting to the part that has the 5 V instead of the VS which the right way for analong stuff right?

I just need to know if this thing is soldered right and if not how it should be... I also saw in this link it could be done another way...


 any recommendations? thanks.




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The more we know about your situation, the better suited our answers can be. I am guessing you are using an Arduino as micro controller project board. Start by verifying that guess. Furthermore, we need to know more about your circuit. Pictures, schematics, video, pirated photos with commentary photoshopped in them. Whatever it takes to make us understand.

I notice two links to external pictures in your post. Learn how to embed them. Read the FAQ on how to do that. Please don't expect anyone to copy paste those links. Make it easy on the helpers and you shall receive more of it.

Don't worry about nobody reading your post. We read EVERYTHING on this site. The other post in the electronics forum is redundant. It only serves to confuse the heck out of us all. That includes you Xelha.

No cross posting. Period.