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Got My New Computer!!!!!

It's a MSI Wind U120 and it kicks the most ass. --Watch the video at your own risk...

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OK, I can do everything a winblows and mac can...but it's free and I can modify absolutely EVERYTHING to meet my nees with LESS overhead.

again you can't play with it. I've tried ubuntu and it's great for surfing, programming etc....but not gaming! And you know...emulators only work 1/5 of the times. 

Problem is those guys should sell OS-free computers so that anybody can install on it whatever he wants. If you get a PC with windows as an OS you're already paying for it, that makes me angry!

Linux is also more difficult to understand and work with for a newbie, like me. 

Tigerdirect has a number of barebone computer systems, that do not come with an OS. I imagine other companies that sell barebone systems also do not have OS, like Frys, etc.
Its a different version of PICAXE vs Arduino
After we finish this conversation, we can move on to who can pee farther!
You don't stand a chance against PeeBot Mkii.

When did "I got my new computer" turn into "Mac is better than PC"?

BTW, PC rules!

PCs suck balls. that is all i am going to say.



Here it is in a nutshell.

Did you ever see fast and furious? OK -A mac is one of those little fast and furious honda's... It is well built, will last forever, good engineering, looks cool and is nice and sleek. However, the car costs a lot and to make it go fast it takes a lot of money and every part is model-specific but in the end you got a very slick package that works and looks great and is "seamless'.

Now a pc is a small-block chevy. Big, ugly but in it's basic form has twice the power of the mac/honda. The "go-fast" parts are universal, cheap and you can do everything yourself. However, in the end, you still are stuck with just a big fuckin' ugly, fairly inefficent V8 motor that has a lot of power, but no finesse.

mac/pc explained by a guy from Kansas.