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Got My New Computer!!!!!

It's a MSI Wind U120 and it kicks the most ass. --Watch the video at your own risk...

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If we're going to consider the mac any sort of import, I say it's a Nissan skyline R.34 GTR, it looks pretty, very fast, and blows your socks off when it's running ..One thing  is for sure, it's not...a honda....  :D
humped a few chevies right after removing the bubble wrapper
You can't buy a MAC for $320 either. If you look it up CTC's new laptop was $300 dolla make ya holla!

OS X is the most vulnerable OS on the market.....

Your macbook being more powerful doesnt mean a whole lot when it has less than half the compatiblity of a PC... All that power for surfing the internet. = /

OSX in inself is not inherently vulnerable, but the apps that it uses can be...Safari has several known vulnerabilites that allow it to be hacked faster than a windows box....but that doesn't make a mac a bad machine.
his eyes are all bugged out like that because he owns a Macbook
I might be 50% mac but for cryin' out loud, if you are a gamer there is no reason in the world to be using a mac --you need that all-balls pc power, yo.
You would also need a desktop as video cards are alot better on those types of systems. For gaming, hands down a desktop pc, for work and tech related hands down mac(bookpro). For simple uProc programming and coding, hell I'd get an older laptop as they still have serial ports. Dell Inspiron 8100 comes to mind in this area.


you suck, mac's totally kick Windows ass at gaming too. PC makers lost their balls a while ago, Macs are the only consistent machines at being powerful and video intensive. I can bet you that my Macbook that I am using is at least 4x more powerful than your little doo dads.

That's 4x better humping power, yo!!