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Got My New Computer!!!!!

It's a MSI Wind U120 and it kicks the most ass. --Watch the video at your own risk...

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Here it is in a nutshell.

Did you ever see fast and furious? OK -A mac is one of those little fast and furious honda's... It is well built, will last forever, good engineering, looks cool and is nice and sleek. However, the car costs a lot and to make it go fast it takes a lot of money and every part is model-specific but in the end you got a very slick package that works and looks great and is "seamless'.

Now a pc is a small-block chevy. Big, ugly but in it's basic form has twice the power of the mac/honda. The "go-fast" parts are universal, cheap and you can do everything yourself. However, in the end, you still are stuck with just a big fuckin' ugly, fairly inefficent V8 motor that has a lot of power, but no finesse.

mac/pc explained by a guy from Kansas.

humped a few chevies right after removing the bubble wrapper
If we're going to consider the mac any sort of import, I say it's a Nissan skyline R.34 GTR, it looks pretty, very fast, and blows your socks off when it's running ..One thing  is for sure, it's not...a honda....  :D

PCs suck balls. that is all i am going to say.



When did "I got my new computer" turn into "Mac is better than PC"?

BTW, PC rules!

Its a different version of PICAXE vs Arduino
After we finish this conversation, we can move on to who can pee farther!
You don't stand a chance against PeeBot Mkii.
OK, I can do everything a winblows and mac can...but it's free and I can modify absolutely EVERYTHING to meet my nees with LESS overhead.