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HCR-Home Care Robot

HCR-Home care robot is an open source robot project. 

 It aims to develop an affordable domestic mobile robot platform which can validate various robotics technologies such as Human machine interface, navigation, localization. 

 At this moment, it has just finished the mechanical design. The electricity module is still under development.   But I am trying to use several arduino type of MCU as the low level hardware control, and uses a normal laptop or netPC as the main control unit which can do more advance work such as voice recognition, vision, .etc. 

This project is initially proposed in a chinese robotics community www.roboticfan.com. And I bought one of their platform to start with. 



 Figure: A Lead-acid battery is mounted 



Figure: After assembly, still can not move yet, since no MCU.  


 This is the electrical connection diagram.  Uses two arduino, one is used as a sensor interface board, another is used as a master, do some post processing of the sensor signal,  package them and send them back to PC.





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Servo with bracket will do the work, something like humanoid robot frame pieces. 



How did you make the arms?
awsome i want to make one for my mom i already have it in cad form just need a mc its going to mop and sweep the floors


Aluminum power-coated orange 
Two 17w DC motors with 64:1 Gearbox 120 rpm
Two (2 Phases) encoders with 12 PPR
2 wheels (and one rotating third wheel)
Associated plates and hardware
Three bumper sensors
Three Sharp GP2D12 infrared sensors
Romeo Controller board (Arduino compatible)
Weight: 5.2kg
Dimensions: 34.2cmx31.3cmx26.6cm

 This kit is also available at http://www.yerobot.com/hcr-open-source-mobile-robot-platform.html

can u give more details about its construction and designing....my id ramkumar1089@gmail.com

Questions about the motors:

- How noisy are they? I mean they are noisy like cont. rotation servos? Or pretty much quiet like steppers?

- What is their torque?

- What is the resolution of the encoders (clicks per rotation)?


I am asking all these questions because I might be interested to buy a pair for my butler robot. I can build the rest of the base no problem, so the motors are the only part I need to be careful about.

I had a similar idea of a platform like BoozeBot, but I think I'll use something like on my MiniEric robot for the arms to reach the floor and the table top. 


Thank you!  

Nice song but what does it do besides carry a screen and act pretty? Robots have a function. Why would I want my laptop to dance. Dumb question?

If anyone is looking to get there hands on this platform (I was) I found it on Roboshop. 



This kinda sounds like spam...it's not...