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HCR-Home Care Robot

HCR-Home care robot is an open source robot project. 

 It aims to develop an affordable domestic mobile robot platform which can validate various robotics technologies such as Human machine interface, navigation, localization. 

 At this moment, it has just finished the mechanical design. The electricity module is still under development.   But I am trying to use several arduino type of MCU as the low level hardware control, and uses a normal laptop or netPC as the main control unit which can do more advance work such as voice recognition, vision, .etc. 

This project is initially proposed in a chinese robotics community www.roboticfan.com. And I bought one of their platform to start with. 



 Figure: A Lead-acid battery is mounted 



Figure: After assembly, still can not move yet, since no MCU.  


 This is the electrical connection diagram.  Uses two arduino, one is used as a sensor interface board, another is used as a master, do some post processing of the sensor signal,  package them and send them back to PC.





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Yep just post the address in google and then just translate it.  


 You can do that with I think any site if you every come across it in the future.

Actually, the eyes are just art design. What I got is just the base, without arm, without eyes..  But it just gives you a picture what it could be modified to. I personally think it is a brilliant design. 


Thanks for your guys' recommendation. Since I need several ultrasonic sensor, I2C or RS485 is the only solution. So, I may go for SRF series. Damn it, SRF08 seems the only option, and they are not cheap..  


Are you going to give it some tank thread to finish it off like Wall-E
Well, I hope I can. If got any resource to do that. But at this moment, no plan so far.

This robot looks to me a good one. If you people can add some more functionalities and artifical intelligence, then I am interested in buying one for my comapany. We are interested in getting a fully functional prototype of this robot.

Admin Edit: Post had a link to a business website that was not robot related. I couldn't tell if it was spam or not so I just removed the link. Use the messaging on this website if you wish to contact this user.

A good progress has been achieved. Yeah! 


Check out the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIBpRbcQY5I&feature=player_embedded 

If anyone is looking to get there hands on this platform (I was) I found it on Roboshop. 



This kinda sounds like spam...it's not... 

Nice song but what does it do besides carry a screen and act pretty? Robots have a function. Why would I want my laptop to dance. Dumb question?

Questions about the motors:

- How noisy are they? I mean they are noisy like cont. rotation servos? Or pretty much quiet like steppers?

- What is their torque?

- What is the resolution of the encoders (clicks per rotation)?


I am asking all these questions because I might be interested to buy a pair for my butler robot. I can build the rest of the base no problem, so the motors are the only part I need to be careful about.

I had a similar idea of a platform like BoozeBot, but I think I'll use something like on my MiniEric robot for the arms to reach the floor and the table top. 


Thank you!  

can u give more details about its construction and designing....my id ramkumar1089@gmail.com