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HCR-Home Care Robot

HCR-Home care robot is an open source robot project. 

 It aims to develop an affordable domestic mobile robot platform which can validate various robotics technologies such as Human machine interface, navigation, localization. 

 At this moment, it has just finished the mechanical design. The electricity module is still under development.   But I am trying to use several arduino type of MCU as the low level hardware control, and uses a normal laptop or netPC as the main control unit which can do more advance work such as voice recognition, vision, .etc. 

This project is initially proposed in a chinese robotics community www.roboticfan.com. And I bought one of their platform to start with. 



 Figure: A Lead-acid battery is mounted 



Figure: After assembly, still can not move yet, since no MCU.  


 This is the electrical connection diagram.  Uses two arduino, one is used as a sensor interface board, another is used as a master, do some post processing of the sensor signal,  package them and send them back to PC.





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Maxbotix sonars have been very effective for me. I use the analog and pulse outputs, haven't done much with the serial. The Ping only has one way to interface, shorter range too. The SRFs would glitch on me some, giving a weird return number sometimes.

I just simply purchase the kit.  My interesting is the electricity and software. I am a big fan of R2D2. Really want build one of that kind of robot some day. However, due to similar robot such as whitebox 914bot which costs around $5000 is too expensive forme. I think for most of you will think it is not affordable. And those small ones are too tiny.  Until I find this platform. It is cheap, only cost me $280. So just buy one and I can start my project.  Actually the one I got does not have arm. Just some mechanical parts and two motors with wheels. But it is all I need. 

I have no idea about the deck design, I am not the designer. But I will be the brain designer. LOL. 

The motors are 17w  DC motor with encoders.



I agree with R2D2  roombas cant really do anything but sweep floors yet they are considered homecare robots. I think that monitoring your house remotely could be considered house care. On the other hand R2, I am curious about your design. Are the decks custom or did you purchase them from some where? They look familiar. Also what motors are you using?

From my point of view. Home care means a lot. 

Home safty is one application which does not need a robotic arm at all.

video surveillance and a mobile control center. Even a robot pal who can talk and listen to you will no need for the arm at all.



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It looks nice but for home care it doesn't look capable of much. The arms are to weak to lift much and the robot is too short to reach the kitchen bench. It has no working hands. Despite his name, BoozeBot is a serious attempt at a robot for domestic chores. It is capable of changing it's height depending on if it has to pick up something on the floor or work at the kitchen bench. The arms have to be able to lift more than 2Kg so that it can pick up a 2 litre bottle of milk.
It should be "I".
.. who's "we"? Please tell more.