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I know we have talked about this before, but I would like to get this going. I had an idea for a bot that I will likely never have the time to build msyelf. At least not for a couple years since it requires a lot of parts that I would have to figure out first and test. I would like to present that idea and find 3-5 other people who would like to work on a part of it and combine our efforts. We each post how to make our part and then we all share credit for the final project.

I would like to make a robot that lives in a 5 feet by 5 feet square surrounded by some sort of container (cardboard, wooden frame, etc) that is filled with colored wooden blocks.

The robot is placed in the container and has a webcam sending a wireless image to a PC that puts the image on a webserver that refreshes at a rate of 1-5 frames per second. The robot has a claw that can grab blocks and manipulate them up, down, backwards, forwards, etc. A person can control the robot using a GUI on the website near the image of what the bot is seeing. The user is encouraged to stack blocks as high as they can without tipping them over.

There is a time limit of approx 5 minutes where the next user in queue is given control of the robot and the previous user can either just watch, logout, or request to be put back into the queue. An estimate is given when it will be their turn again.


Like I said before I wouldn't be able to do this alone since the web integration, webcam, etc would be new to me and require a lot of research. I would like to focus on user friendlyness (is that a word!?!?) and making it as cheap as possible so other people can duplicate the project. Anyone want to try to collaborate on this? If so send me a message via the contact form with your name on LMR and which part you would be interested in. If I get a LOT of requests I will try to choose those who are the most active on LMR so there is a smaller chance of someone joining but not being able to finish or not participating.

Just an idea lets see where it goes!


Just saw thi son the front page. "We need a robot remote controlled over the Internet. Who can make it? The controls will be right here. Make one, and it will be featured at once!" I'm not sure if that was put there before I made this port or after, but either way what better than to have our bot control webpage here at LMR :)

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As you may have noticed it has been 2 months since this thread saw any action. I didn't push it since we had a contest bonanza in June. Since then life has kept me busy and I start college again this fall going for degree #3 and working my way towards (hopefully) getting my PhD and working as a Robotics/AI professor. Does anyone want to take control of this project and get people working towards completing or should we let it die a slow painful death? I eventually want to finish it so if no one picks up the torch I may use it for my thesis if possible.
Might try something like this on my own. Still missing parts but have seen some possible solutions. Good luck on the thesis.
Calculon agrees.

Im finally home and caught up with most LMR posts. It sounds like we have some pieces that can begin:

Robot Base
Charging Station (also includes some sort of sensor on the bot itself to find the station)
Claw that can move up and down (the other 4 axis will be covered by the robot)
Web Cam with web page controls

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few others. Please list any I forgot and in a few days we can start handing out parts and get some building done. It sounds like we are focused on makeing 1 robot that can move things. We need to figure out what we are moving so we can design the base and claw system.

Been MIA again due to life keeping me busy. I did build a web server in aVM on my laptop. I am going to test the website being hosted locally and taking commands and sending them to a picaxe to process and send over IR. I also have a small webcam. When I get it all hooked up my test run will be hosting the vid and letting a user pan the camera left and right to do a proof of concept.

In the mean time what do we want to do for batteries? Rechargeable AAs, LION, etc?

I like using a 4 AA pack, NiMh. Simple, common, sorta cheap. Covers many microcontrollers, no real freakiness in charging, can run RC servos, can run some motors, many sensors.

I'd like to sign up for this project, in the evnt others are interested in building.

I can donate some cash, maybe ~$100. I can also bring years of web development to the table and could hack away at the web UI and remote camera operations.

I created a new forum to start hacking away at what the project will be (what I proposed or something else) so far we have 7 people but Im not sure what involvement that are planning to have. Join in at that link. I just created it a fe wmins ago so it doesnt have any activity.



I'd like to learn some of the Internet control part, not sure how I could help though. We all can pretty much build the robot, getting it controlled remotely is the trick.
Thats the fun thing. None of us can complete the project given our current knowledge. Starting a project you already know how to do it boring ;)