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Will this work??



Will this work?

 I want it to just go into ligt and run away if something loud happens. It could get in the light and crarge capacitators and then do something. haven't thought exactly what yetm but you get the idea.  Sorry for horrible handwriting and a scetch.  :)

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Oh. Thanks. I'll try to fix it a little bit. Put the capaticitators across and put and H-driver IC in there.

You can`t drive motors directly from a micros output pins. You need a motor driver to supply enough current.

The capacitors should be across the battery not in line if you want them to smooth the voltage.

If those LEDs bottom right are actually LDRs or phototransistors you`ll want to put them in a voltage divider.

If it`s your first time with micros a starter kit like electrictape22 said will pay for itself over and over again.

Sorry but that will not work. If you are intrested in getting started in robotics/picaxe I would start out with a 28x1 board blinking a led or something. If you haven't already take a look at fritsl's start here robot tutorial. It is very helpful.
It is it's own evidence.
No 2.
why not?