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Custom project board in progress...

Hi, I have a spare PICAXE 28x1 and L293D that I want to use for my first custom built circuit. But i have no clue what to do!!! The diagrams on the Picaxe website are so confusing and the ones in the manuals only show the pinouts. Can I just hook up 4.5 volts? Or do I need fancy shmancy support circuitry like capacitors and stuff? 

Thanks guys! 


I have a diagram of the L293D and it is nice to have, but very confusing.


I need somebody who is experienced enough at reading these things. See, my problem is what the pin labels mean. I have another diagram for that...


... but it is not very helpful either. 

My problem is:

Which wire do I connect to all of these? Battery negative to Vs??!! And what are the "enable"s for?

Thanks again! (yes i sound kinda crabby, but it is just cuz i am hurrying) :) 

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How to breadboard a picaxe 28x1 to download code and get an LED blinking. From there add motors, sensors, etc to do more.