Let's Make Robots!

It's Christmas!

When i told my little brother's boss that i was starting to make robots, he answered me "well, i used to do a lot of electronics when i was younger, i may have some stuff that could be useful to you", and i was like cool, i'm gonna have a bunch of resistors... And that's what he gave me :





So that's big bunch of stuf, i have even no idea about what half of those stuff are for, but i'm sure i'll figure out soon enough ^^

Those stepper motors look pretty cool :


even if i don't know how to use them, and can't find any datasheet.

I also have that "mercury-switch" :


25 of those LM324N :


it seems that they are "Low Power Quad Operational Amplifier", whatever it means...

I also have a dozen of those things :


but i don't have the slightest idea about what it is.

Add to that gears, bumper switches and switches of all sorts, leds and plenty of other cool stuff!


So i was already quite happy, but cherry on the chicken, i also received my SRF05 that i ordered last monday from Active Robots (very fast shipping!):



So robotically speaking, that was a pretty cool day! :D


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I'd say you hit a nice jackpot with all of that stuff.....nice aquisition!!



These are cooling fins. You bolt them onto components with a hole in them. Components that would otherwise get too hot. These are the thingeys that help to keep the magic smoke inside.

Also: check the thread about sun screen.


Thanks guys for those explanations!

For the heatsinks, i think i could have guessed... 

About the stepper, there already  is a lot of useful informations in the third picaxe fucking manual, it's more a question of wires color...

"These are very useful for boosting analog signals for your processor. For example you could connect microphones, phototransistors, PIR sensors etc."

Ok, i thought it was something to boost the output... Indeed it could be pretty useful.


But anyway, i'm not planning to use all those things right now, i already have a ton of stuff to explore and discover!

Thanks for the tip mate, i'll try!


 [Edit] sh*t i forgot the "Reply" button... sorry Rik...

Now make something amazing!