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Line Cruiser


my first line following robot

using 6 'nokia' cellphone battery (code bl2c) for motor driver and its power (12v) , plus 4  for the minimum system  (mikrocontroller, sensor, etc). i used atmel mega32 for the brain, and IR for sensoric system.


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Wow, brain? :D Looks like "its" can "thinks" :D
You know, your place is near to my place, I'm planning to meet you soon.
Please share with us. :-) 

A vid would be nice! Looks good though.

That looks great but we would like to see and know more.

Can you show us close up photos of your sensors, batteries etc.
Can you explain how your IR sensors work?
Please show us video of your robot in action. That is always the fun part :-)

Schematics and code are always nice to see if possible.

you have a video