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BotKropny, the ugly light-seeking robot

seeks light, is ugly
BotKropny.bas2.42 KB

Beleive it or not, that thing without real shapes is a robot! It's my first attempt to make a bot with a brain, a picaxe 18X.


He moves with 2 home-made continuous rotation servos that are concealed into an old modem case. Add some Meccano to hold the batteries and the LDR, the first piece of plastic i found in my garbage as a third wheel, and a lot of electric tape...

 The video is pretty crappy, but i just have my phone to film -_-v

This robot was supposed to have 2 bumper switches, hence the Meccano pieces on the front, but since i got a lot of new stuff, and plenty of ideas, he's condemned to death... sorry dude, i like you but i need your brain... (and that's also why the code has more things that he needs)

And thanks to everybody for answering my questions (and generally speaking, for the motivation!), and special thanks to... the fucking manual ^_^v

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well i thing is pretty sure that robot's chracter is pretty cool!!

LED up!!!!

and one doesnot need to code to implement this easy robot!!

and that's for sure!! 

code please
what would you do with it? If you are new to robotics learn from making things yourself. Starting with code and trying to understand it or build a robot to match code doesn't work.

i have a sample code for SRF05 , i was just wondering if i have to use the same PULSOUT and PULSIN commands


here is my code :please comment !!


Symbol dangerlevel = 50 ' how far away should thing be, before we react?
symbol turn = 300 ' this sets how much should be turned
symbol servo_turn = 700 ' This sets for how long time we should wait for the servo to turn (depending on it´s speed) before we measure distance
symbol trig = 3 ‘ Define output pin for Trigger pulse
symbol echo = 6 ‘ Define input pin for Echo pulse
symbol range = w1 ‘ 16 bit word variable for range

main: ' the main loop
pulsout trig,2 ‘ produce 20uS trigger pulse (must be minimum of 10uS)
pulsin echo,1,range ‘ measures the range in 10uS steps
pause 100
let range = range * 10 / 58 ‘ multiply by 10 then divide by 58
readadc range, b1
if b1 < dangerlevel then
gosub nodanger ' if nothing ahead, drive forward
gosub whichway ' if obstacle ahead then decide which way is better
end if
goto main ' this ends the loop, the rest are only sub-routines

nodanger:' this should be your combination to make the robot drive forward, these you most likely need to adjust to fit the way you have wired your robots motors
high 5 : high 6 : low 4 : low 7
goto main

gosub totalhalt ' first stop!

'Look one way:
gosub lturn ' look to one side
pause servo_turn ' wait for the servo to be finished turning
gosub totalhalt
readadc range, b1
'Look the other way:
gosub rturn ' look to another side
pause servo_turn ' wait for the servo to be finished turning
gosub totalhalt
readadc range, b2

' Decide which is the better way:
if b1<b2 then
gosub body_lturn
gosub body_rturn
end if

high 6 : low 5 : low 7 : high 4 ' this should be your combination that turns the robot one way
pause turn : gosub totalhalt

high 5 : low 6 : low 4 : high 7 ' this should be your combination that turns the robot the other way
pause turn : gosub totalhalt

servo 0, 100 ' look to one side

servo 0, 200 ' look to the other side

low 4 : low 5 : low 6 : low 7 ' low on all 4 halts the robot!
Servo 0,150 ' face forward
wait 1 ' freeze all for one second

You ought to post your own questions in the forums, not on other peoples pages, unless it relates to the page in question, which this doesn't really.

LOL. How many times have you (and others) had to say that lately? What's with the plethora of people showing up and posting "code please" lately? It's friggin  ridiculous.

To top it all off, this project has the code posted already, firdouse. Right there at the top, right under the first photo, "BotKropny.bas 2.42 KB".

oops sorry i didnt notice that !

No i assure you, he's ugly! But that doesn't mean i dont like it... ^^

"Hot glue is cooler than Blue masking tape."

After PC Vs Mac, Arduino Vs Picaxe, VB Vs Perl, here comes Hot Glue Vs Blue Tape!  ;-)  I like (blue) tape for two reasons : you can unstick it very easily, and it gives the robot a unique look... But if i wanted to build something more permanent, i'll sure give it a try!

 "5 stars cuse my last name is yamada. Also i like the movie totoro."

Oh gosh, did i just find my evil twin?

5 stars cuse my last name is yamada. Also i like the movie totoro.

There are no ugly robots on LMR. Some robots just have more character than others :)