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Nothing much


Project has ended and robot is disassembled. link


Since i changed from PIC to Atmega, I remade this bot's whole brain. H-bridges and motor controllers were a headache so I changed motors to servos. Also now i have new power source, 5x AA NiMh regulated to 5V for electronics. Hmm. New pictures soon.


-- Original --

First bot what is entirely my built and has sensors what are connected to brain. Now it just moves its gripper open and close and does other preprogrammed activities. First i tried to use prototypeing board (green one with premade tracks) but everything failed so i moved to self made breadboard. I know that it is a mess of wires, but it is really handy. All parts are from eBay & Farnell.


 It has such name because all it does is snaps.


Bigger batteries are for motors & servos. 9V for electronics and sensors. There is a voltage regulator hidden in that heatsink.


I'm using L298N to drive motors. For some unknown reasons servos sometimes go grazy if i motors run, and i think motors are too big for this robot. I'm thinking of changing over to 2X 9g servos. It could use tiny omniwheel or roller to tip of tail.


Idea is that it moves around and if it finds anything it can use its tail servo to tilt whole body + arm. By doing this it can scan the height of thngs and crab things from different angles. If it crabs something it pulls prey to its lair.


(Soon: more sensors, activity and videos.)

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Why did you switch from PIC to Atmega? Any specific reason?

My PICs kept failing and I had no proper way to program them. On PIC i could chose: nonsense ASM, no features BASIC, absurtic C and on AVR there was warm, soft and frendly C. Also I had had enough of pirating software and the AVR seemed to have more free and multi platform tools.

Are we going to see a video on this one?
Yes. But not yet. I moved to atmega and i has no h-bridge board yet. Updates and stuff like that in the morning (10 hours later.)
I am so going to copy your gripper idea! :) Maybe it will be mounted at crotch-height so it can... umm.. never mind.

DC motors generate so much noise to power line that tiny servos go grazy and try to kill themselves. 10uF capacitor and 10nF capacitors to motors didn't help. Anyone knows how to fix it without adding third battery or replacing motors with small servos?



It turned out to be problem of 9v battery. New one eliminated all problems.

I like the ability to use the tail to change the height of the gripper. Clever!
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how rude of me, cool little robot aswell

are those little servos really strong enough for the metal frame? 


Servos havn't broken yet. And i like alluminium frame it's strong, doesn't wobble and doesn't break down if i move it.