Let's Make Robots!

Favicon for Let's make robot

What about changing that default Drupal favicon to something custom ? :)

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Here's my tentative:


 It's just the R of "Robot" with an exclamation mark as in the site title. Maybe it could be used temporarly until someone come with a real logo.

If you don't like it feel free to dump it, i won't be hurted :) I'm no graphician :P

Favicon up!

Now don't say there is no development on the site :D 

/ Fritsl

Nice! I think it looks great.


Lol, good :) It doesn't look bad, does it? At least it's not the drupal one :)

Hey - I like it, I vote Yes! At least it is ours, the Drupal is not - so it is better.

TheCowGod, can you make it our favicon? 

/ Fritsl

its just copy the icon to the site ftp folther with the name "favicon.ico", and you are done =D
don't think so... but 3 leters for LMR its impossible, i think its better to do a logo, with some animation.. or something like that, and then use that image to the icon..
Hey - somebody make that favicon! (and logo)!
true.. i already told tha before, but it shueld be done after logo to be almost the same logo!