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Tried the new Picaxe X2!

Holy crap, the programming is different!

Prepare to use extra time, or use the X1.

There is a "converter" in the latest Axepads, but it is not 100% compatible with all my dirty code.

Boy, this is different! More than I thought :)

However, I am sure it is wicked, a real step up! 

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Can you show us some code differences?
It would be easier if you just downloaded the newest editor, and used the converter supplied to see the 2 versions :)
Have the x2 chips been released yet? I didn't see anything on www.rev-ed.co.uk

However, the Picaxe website SUCKS!! In every possible way :)

You can find more info on LMR than at their own site ;/ 

See list of available chips here.

God, they need a new site bad!

The X2 looks pretty cool, there seems to be a few decent upgrades.

So my (2) 40x2's and a 28x2 showed up the other day... All I can say is don't even consider buying the old parts anymore. I love each and every new feature.


What is your favorite new feature of the X2 that was either impossible or difficult on the old X1 parts? I saw a ton of pins now have ADC capabilities, I like that.

Specific feature questions:
- Does anyone know if interrupts have been modified to include ORing?
- Have mathematic operations changed at all, use of parenthesis? IE, can I do (x+5)*3
- Is there a new X2 program editor?

I know that there is not a new editor, but a new version. And I know that the new version has a converter-function from old to new - which should give a lot of insigt.

A good (and free & here & now)-option for anyone interested is simply to download the latest editor, and take an old program and convert it. All sorts of info becomes available to you :) 

Just received my 28X2's and Axe020 project boards but have a quick question.


The boards have an oscillator built into the board for the earlier picaxe 28's - do I need to detach aas from what I can read, the 28X2 has onboard oscillator running at 8Mhz, with the code suitably changed, while the onboard oscillator is 4Mhz





As far as I am concerned, they run on internal clock unles else specified in the code they run.

See command setfreq (rtfm :)