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ATV-360 spy toy tank platform

My next robot project will be a tank based plattform, but first I need to finish YAABR. After I see this spy toy at Amazon I need to buy one. It is a very good fabricated toy and also very pricy. I paid 50€ for it at myby.com, at Amazon you get it for 56$. For that money you get a tank platform with wireless video camera (320x240 bw, 2.4GHz) and microfone, a RC control (27MHz) and a head-up Display with LCD screen and ear phone. Not bad.


 Here is a look inside, after removing the top chassis.

ATV-360 opened

Don't open the motor and gear box, I warn you. It takes me 1/2 hour to get back all gears in the right place :(

motor and gear box

More pictures at my Flickr page


Hacking this beautyful toy is fairly simple. I think I will keep the electronic mostly untouched. Just split the motor wires to a separate H-Bridge and use one or two switches to switch beetween RC mode and autonomous mode.



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Just got mine in the mail this past week but haven't had a chance to take it apart. it's interesting to see that they have some circ boards on the motors now. This isn't the case with the buggy, but this may be due to the fact that they need the motors to be synced or something. I'll look more into the details with a start hacking mine. :D
Amazon has it's black friday deals and this is one of them.....the atv 360 for 59(US) bux...damn good deal!