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Has anyone worked with RFID


While I am waiting for my Picaxe28x1 to arive I have been looking at a few ideas that I want to play with. one of which is a device that regularly pings RFID tags to see if they are within the given area and warns the user if they aren't. basically this is used by a forgetful person like a friend of mine in long beach who leaves his swords everywhere when he drinks (which is pretty much always). I know that this whould be easilly done but I cant find any tutorials online dealing with RFID tags besides the ones telling buisness owners how to upgrade their invintory managment.

Also I have found one or two places to buy an RFID reader/writer or an RFID reader, but I look at the datasheet and cant really understand the terminology, so if anyone has seen a technical manual out there for RFID circuit development or just the terminology that may be somewhat helpful as well.

I think there is a lot of fun to be had with RFID.

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either way, when I make a build, I'm posting my it, but I wouldn't worry about sending to me as I haven't got the reader yet due to budget problems and still need to learn much more before doing RFID. Thank you for the offer though.

Currently I am working on the modular project on node 780. Thoough I still don't have ALL the resources for it it is much closer to my curent loevel of understanding. after working with this I will better understand how to make i2c modules meaning that I can better make an i2c RFID modual. also maybe by then I'll know how to use a thumb drive as a DB and/or sound Storage device, but that is dreaming :D.one step at a time eh lol :D

Most anti theft tags have the same ID, and stores tend to disable them with electromagnets before you leave the store.

Writable tags seems like overkill. If all your tags have different ID, then you can keep any other relevant information in  the computer hooked up to the reader.

My tags are from an access control system (swipe your access tag in front of a reader, and the doors pops open). They are embedded in creditcard type cards and are located in Norway. Postage is no problem if you promise to post your build online on LMR..


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I was mostly hoping to just steal some tags from dvds, books, a credit card or two, etc. as I don't have a writer so I don't need to worry about getting writtable tags just yet. I would love to take you up on that offer though. what kind? and where do you hail from? I'm in the LA area.

If you get your hands on a reader, I can hook you up with some free RFID tags.

/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

Its going to be a while, but I was thinking of putting a reader on a robot that moved along walls. The wall would have a small tag with a location ID so it knew where it was. I was hoping to have it perform basic stuff like bring me a soda or throw trash away.
:) I am considering them to detect laps with the Wall Racers.. one day, when tiiiime :)
That is what I was thinking only I want to eventually have a robot that is self-controlling which either has one RDIF tag in the center with a long range (longer then 6 inches) reader so that it has a radious of movement to play in or to have a series of 5 (just a guess) tags in a circle on an open area that act as a border.

Oi, I was following some links and found some nice RDIF DIY tutorials but if you are more into getting a RDIF reader i found a cheaper one as I was suggesting above. this one is 40 USD (plus shipping) from parallax.

excuse my squirely ignorance, but how do you know if this is compatable with Picaxe? how do you know if ANYTHING is compatable with picaxe Chips and what isn't. I have read information on devices saying they arent compatable but I never see where something is compatable. I think this looks like it should be compatable by looking at the inputs and making an UN-educated guess but I would like to know if there is an actual way of KNOWING and not randomly guessing.

If it has inputs and outputs it will likely work with picaxe. you may have to code some way of transforming the output of the deivce to something useful, but most things will work with picaxe. Its low level enough that it isn't going to not work cmpletely. It may take some massaging of inputs and outputs.

It looks like Radio Shack has the kit for the same price if you want to get it now and don't want to pay shipping.

looking at the RFID kit on thinkgeek I noticed that the reader itself is made by phidget. After looking at phidget, I noticed that phidget sells many things for an inflated price: 125 CAD (123.35 USD) for assembled LCDs w/USB, etc... I know that I can get an assembled LCD for much less - some with USB Support. though this gives me much hope that people are producing RFID readers/writers for IC projects, it also gives me hope that we can find them cheaper.

thank you for the lovely links and the info of where to find a good tutorial. as always I will stay on the prowl for a cheaper, more student friendly RFID reader and/or writer. I'll keep you aprised of my successes. 

Thank you for the push in the right direction there are one or two other wonderful RFID tuts on MAKE that I'll read as well.