Let's Make Robots!

Robot and sexy naked girl

Ok first, sorry for the cheap (but yet effective) marketing trick with the title... apparently, it worked, if not you wouldn't be reading this ^^

The thing is, with my clock (don't forget the "l") i take part in a web-realization contest, and the vote starts today...

So if you like it (i don't want to force anyone), don't hesitate to vote, it's here and  for those who don't speak french you have to click on the pink button with the thumb-up and the word "Votez".

Thanks for your support! :)

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Thanks again guys, it's a tough fight, so feel free to e-mail your friend if you think they might like the clock! :D


And don't hesitate to browse the whole website, it's full of stupid/geeky/funny/amazing/weird stuff i find on the web, and i try to update it daily!

CRAZY!, I like it!, My vote is on.

C'est vachement super, ca!

ça! not ca! :D right?

Exactly ;) But there are pretty good chances that he doesn't have the "ç" key on his keyboard...


(by the way, i'm going to vitit your country in 3 weeks!)

i have it on my keyboard but i got it from the symbols list (just click the omega above the text space when writing a comment)

My country or BOAs'? 

Funny, i've never noticed that Omega thing...

And i'm talking about your country, my girlfrienf and I are going to spend 3 days in Roma :D

funny, i've never been there but i've been to singapore :) 

But i have to admit i don't like my country much 

ahah really nice! I also voted 


wel done. I voted.