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Breaking PICs

How can i make sure that my PIC is functional? I use PIC16F88 and PicKit2. I connected PIC with my robot and programmed couple of times. Suddenly all programming fails and I get error "Unsupported Part (ID=3FE0)". I googled it and everyone said it is a power error. I took PIC away from robot and used breadboard to connect it with PicKit. No other components were used. It still showed error when trying to program. When i clicked "Check communication" PicKit found the PIC but if i try to program it doesn't.


Finally I took other PIC (PIC16F818) and used that for robot. And same thing happened. Couple of times good programming and then "Unsupported Part (ID=3FE0)". On robot and on breadboard.


I think maybe h-bridge (L298N) tried to get much current from logic input pins or something like that. Although it is very weird because it worked perfectly yesterday.

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Do you have a pull-up resistor on the reset pin? Forgetting this has caused me some problems from time to time.

I hope your not powering everything through the USB connection, including your H-bridge and motors. That would definately fry something since the USB port can only deliver half an amp.
"A unit load is defined as 100 mA in USB 2.0, and was raised to 150 mA in USB 3.0. A maximum of 5 unit loads can be drawn from a port in USB 2.0, which was raised to 6 in USB 3.0."

As far as programming, can you "bulk erase" the device. There is usually an option to erase a device before programming. If you don't erase the device first, you may get lucky for the first few tries, but then it will fail to program. I have never used the PICKit-2, I built my own programmer, so I don't know what options the PICKit-2 software has.

well, I"m not sure if you have a way to confirm power, like an led or something that is connected when you plug in the usb cable.  Have you tried measuring voltage with a multimeter at the power leads on the chip itself? That  I would imagine would have an impact on if it can be programmed or not.  It's odd though that the chip can be id'd but not programmed though.
I run it on USB.  Like USB-cable-pickit2-breadboard-pic. Nothing else and it fails. All connections are correct, and like i wrote it connects with PIC when i press Check communications button.
low batteries?