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First Symet


This is my first symet. The motor i salvaged from something or other, the caps and solar cell came from spark fun electronics. I'm still trying to learn basic electronics, so i've decided to try to make some "BEAM" projects, which seem to be more simple than types of robot projects, but which are also (to me) very interesting. this was my first attempt at making a flashing LED solar engine, and it worked out pretty well. I have a video that i will add later on also.


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Very Cool, analog cirquits seem somewhat underrepresentet on this page, i feel it would be  great if you could post your schematics if you don't mind ( please^^)
here is the schematic for the solar engine, i pulled this off the solarbotics.net site FLED solar engine schematic
actually thats not as helpful as it could be, lol, the transistors are a 2n3904 and a 2n3906:)