Let's Make Robots!

2nd Symet (trimet actually, i guess)


this one is a little ugly:) All the parts for this one were salvaged from different things, nothing purchased, Hence the mismatched caps. the solar cells are from old calculators, and the motor came from a vcr.

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The mis-matched caps should make thge movement more interesting.
i'll look right now:)
Have you made many other BEAM robots Noise0? i'm getting really interested in them, i like the idea of using salvaged materials and no programming to make a robot:)
i like the walker bot you made alot, that one is cool:)
is the DaVinci of beam robots.

yep, you can find them in "my robots"


Nice, i like the way yours looks, i dont have a video for this one, but i am trying to get a video for the first one i made uploaded Fristl, basically though, they "twitch" when the capacitors reach full charge, which gives them sort of a jerky movement every few seconds:)
I understand nothing. Video?
What's a symet?