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DAGU Promotion, Cheap HW, LMR Mr. Basic Special LMR version + 3 prizes!

Update: --== DAGU ROCKS ==--

Update: NEW manual attached! Replacing old one. Sorry for the format, PDF was too heavy :)

 Hi dear fellow robot builders, members of LMR.

As I am sure you know, OddBot has made us some cool contact with Jack from China, the guy behind DAGU Electronics.

Now I also had some talks with Jack himself regarding a production of some of my stuff (Thanks Odd).

And I tell you, the guys at DAGU moves fast, sends money as promised, and the hardware is actually REALLY NICE! 

And I am NOT just saying this because he is supporting us, I have tried quite a lot of HW that people wanted me to promote on LMR, and it was not all that good ;)

However - now I just got this cool mail from he’s assistant, Claudia:

Dear Frits,
How about these days?
This time I'll show you a great kit, named Mr. Basic, consisting of a aluminum alloy chassis with an extension PCB, which provides a reliable expand platform for DO-IT-YOURSELF. You can find the photos of it in attached files.
So far, we just have Chinese package for Mr. Basic, but there are English user manuals, so everybody can assemble it with his own hands depending on the manuals.
For Chinese market, our original idea is letting all robot hobbyists can create their own robots with our Mr.Basic.So Jack thinks this product will also be a good choice for the members from LMR.
We are excited about your idea about "LMR members editon", so we would like to offer 50 sets Mr. Basic printed with LMR logo with a special price only for LMR members, it just cost them 22USD($15 per set and another $ 7 for shipment) to own one. Every member who bought one and designed a new variation can put their creatures on LMR, and you can let other members and users vote out three best ones, each winner will be offered $100 from DAGU as prize.
What do you think about the above idea? Hopefully waiting for your respond.
Kind Regards,






This is cool!! Those things are almost like free at that price! And it is our first real LMR merchandise! :)

What you need to do to participate:

  1. Send a mail with your order (and address) to Claudia:

    claudiadagu at yahoo.com.cn

    Let the subject of the mail be "
    LMR Mr Basic" She will return to you, be fast, only 50 made.

  2. If you feel like using your Mr Basic Special LMR-version for more than a mantelpiece, then make some robot out of it. Submit it as a robot on LMR.

  3. IMPORTANT: TO make sure that you participate in the competition, you must add the tag “LMR DAGU Contest” to the posting.

  4. Vote for your own robot. (I know you are going to do so anyway) - But also; Vote for other robots that you think should win!

  5. Wait for everyone to be finished and cross your fingers :) We make a special page for this, with all participating robots, and the 3 robots voted highest will each win the price of USD 100!



PS: Since this is going to be won by robots only seen on the page, good images matters as well as cool robots. I just know from experience. For inspiration, see this that I wrote once :) (The part about taking good pictures)

PPS: Thank you OddBot, Jack, Claudia, and DAGU! Nice going! :D

PPPS: You are a very competent person.

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Mr.BASIC-1_Page_3.jpg228.71 KB
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Yup, misssing the axles as well as a few other screws.

 Looking more carefully, I am missing all four axles!

I received one pair of crown gears separately that didn't do anythng.




Looks like someone's been using the random packaging machine again!


(kind of)

I see a pattern, and here is a theory; (It's just a theory!)

The kit is (like the other parts that I have seen from DAGU) very high quality, and great value for money.. By default. But then.. Mr Basic was originally a 2WD (rear wheels only) - it was improved to be 4WD, and promoted on LMR.. 

Or that was how it was supposed to be. But then..

When making the new version, that was first production and rushed out to LMR's (even the package was not made yet in the final version) - it had errors.. And so the first LMR merchandize was a total flop, to be frank.

Am waiting to see what DAGU says to it all? :)

I agree that it is great value for money if you don't mind that you have to do minor adjustments to get it to work. I had the following issues when assembling my Mr. Basic:

  • Wheel axles had the now well-known bumps at the end of the threading which prevented washers to slide on.
  • One of the screws for fastening one of the motors could not "sink" deep enough into the motor holder so the holder could not be aligned with screw holes in chassis. I had to dremel the motor holder to make room for the screw.
  • The chassis was slightly bent and I had to straighten it out to get all four wheels to touch ground.

That doesn't ring "very high quality" in my ears even if the normal edition was 2WD (since these issues don't really have anything to do with 4WD or 2WD), but I still think it's a great product considering the price. For 22 USD I expected to run into some problems but I didn't expect the little bugger to be as fast as it is so overall I'm surprised in a good way about Mr. Basic.

Just thought I'd make a comment on the motors - I do electric flight and we often ignore the motor voltage info, sometimes using twice the max voltage - it's the current/power that kills motors.  If you can keep the current to permissable rates then you should be able to over volt the motor.  Having said that, we achieve the correct loading for the current with choosing a smaller propeller (less load) and this may not be possible here.  Power - current x voltage for those not sure.

 Just my 2c worth (please round up to 5c)

I know the principal. But with a 4WD, rubber wheels and skid stearing, the motors will most likely run hot. And with my coding the posibillity of some stalling is very real.

These are my 2c (with your 2 we've reached 4 so rounding up to 5 should be no problem)

Frits put tape on his wall racers wheels to reduce traction for power slides. I used that trick with Pictomatix which had the same 4WD skid steer setup.


It seems this will be my first and last DAGU purchase. I guess its all part of the contruction process, or the reason why its only 22$.

Why is that?