Let's Make Robots!

LMR Global Project - Idea Phase

This thread will allow the build team of Jklug80, rik, Calculon320, slick, Edgee, CaptainTune and robologist to start working on the project and figure out what it is, what it will do and how to build it.

Currently the goal is to decide what the project is (what jklug80 proposed or something else), then we need a name for the robot, then we need a name for the group of 7 who are working on the project. We need a list of desired features, a list of REQUIRED features, and who will do what. LETS GET STARTED!

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It would be fun if we took a pic of the bot when it was done and put a part of the image on each block so it was a puzzle of itself.

Persuant to the previous post about what I think the goal should be, I propose the robot:

Web-controlled almost-real time robot that is essentially a battlebot. Only simplified.

-It's a giant simple roller. (I'm thinking like those heavy-duty carts they use to haul produce around, with a big high-torque dc motor. Like Walter only bigger and simpler.)

-Attached to the top is a giant high-powered hammer.

-The robot's playpen is an area cleared out of a junkyard, in which you control the robot and his massive hammer. I think a massive hammer would be easier to make and funner to use.

-We have several webcams all around the playpen, showing the carnage from different angles.

- we could try other things: chainsaw, potato gun, flamethrower ...

Sounds fun but I doubt all of us live near a junk yard and have access to those materials ;)
Definately would be difficult to recreate ...
a search for a wife bot would be funny as hell. It would have to be programmed with ATOM.

Got to thinking about other web controlled robots. One recent that appears to be taken down is the BPExploer, that had several little Surveyor robots running around a sort of diorama, crossing a bridge, etc. It was kinda fun for a few minutes. An old favorite was the Telegarden, a robot arm palnting and caring for plants. There was this article about a web controlled paintball tank, that I remember seeing video of, but did not run myself. They seem to have expanded into a different site with mini-tanks controlled online, but not getting anything to load.

Thinking of this last web-bot, the Mr Basic sorta seems to me like a trebuchet base in shape. Wonder what it might be like to have a web controllable, loadable, auto-trebuchet (aimed at pictures of Frits!) ?

That would be cool if it could collect the ammo and auto reload. One thing I want is for it to be self sustaining. When it needs a recharge it goes to recharge by itself. It requires no hands on intervention...

Hmm, not seeing an easy way to reload a trebuchet, too many loose fiddle-dee-bits. But something like this weiner-dog excerciser might be workable. Possibly loadable with Frits Grippy robot arms. Think it's too much to have folks drive the robot to an ammo ball, and load it over the net? Then getting to aim and fire?

A guy I worked for had a robot soccer project, 2 little robots inside an arena to be wirelessly controlled by joysticks. When the joysticks were at rest after a time limit, the robots autonomously did a wall finding/following algorithm to get to their corner chargers. That seemed to work pretty well, or a beacon system could be tracked alternatively. The contacts used were floor and overhead (for the robot) that seemed to work, I'd think a simple dual verticle pole contact would work too, with a couple of wire bumper sensors used as charging points.

Soccer players seem cool too but they woul dhave to stand up on their own. You also have to think about how someone would try to break your robot and prevent them from doing it.
Those that he programmed were little differential drive soccer players, not humanoid types. They were pretty quick and cute too. But a lot of the bipeds do have pre-programmed sequences to get up. Sadly they run into a bit of cash though. The cheapest humanoid to try would probably be the I-sobot, but not sure how much access we could get to make one web controllable. Or self charging. But who knows?