Let's Make Robots!

LMR Global Project - Idea Phase

This thread will allow the build team of Jklug80, rik, Calculon320, slick, Edgee, CaptainTune and robologist to start working on the project and figure out what it is, what it will do and how to build it.

Currently the goal is to decide what the project is (what jklug80 proposed or something else), then we need a name for the robot, then we need a name for the group of 7 who are working on the project. We need a list of desired features, a list of REQUIRED features, and who will do what. LETS GET STARTED!

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it does have sound. I have a card on my pc which has the yellow-white-red slots (like the ones on tvs). I don't know what software to use though (never used them).

have one of those, im currently trying to get the picture into processing, i have to find out how to change one varable and it should work. 


THe picture quality is ok, good frame rate but it suffers in different light.  

Light is an issue it always shows dark but nothing an LED wouldn't fix.

K i guess lets list the features that we would like to have and we'll see where all of our wants/needs are.

Controllable via a web interface with a "live" webcam - NEED
Ability to recharge itself by docking and undocking unassisted by user - WANT
Ability to manipulate something (blocks, balls, etc) - NEED
Ability to avoid hitting a wall going forward and in reverse - NEED (to keep users from trying to get it to leave its confined space)

"Ability to avoid hitting a wall going forward and in reverse - NEED (to keep users from trying to get it to leave its confined space)" 



Maybe thats it, put them uin a cell, have thhe bot have two or three different "tools" at its disposal to escape :D  

Sorry I was out of town all weekend and didnt have access to a computer. We need to figure out what the general scope of the project is going to be. It sounds like to start off we want 1 robot, but what is the general task we will let the user do or complete? After we figure this out we can break the task down into subtasks and tackle them. Goo dideas so far guys. Maybe we can either do a followup project or incorporate them into next revision of the robot.

Was trying to see some way of breaking down the different ideas into something to start with, and I believe that all it boils down to is having the user drive the robot to some object, then touch/grab it. On it's own, the robot should try to recharge.

We've had the idea of using the MrBasic robot, I've got one coming in and think several others do too. 

Guess that testing this platform (or another if something else seems better) would be good, making an estimate of the motor stats to see what other hardware is needed. 

I've also got an Arduino coming, thought to try that out. 

Getting commands from a PC/laptop, I've got an XBee adapter coming too. 

For PC software, I'd wondered about trying Python, and also heard of a free to try Liberty Basic.

To manipulate, if we have light objects, little blue micro servos could be used. If bigger objects, standards might be better.

To find a charger, figured wall following would be good, so a couple GP2D12 sensors should work. I'd suggest keeping one battery pack to keep charging simple, but we may have to go beyond the 3 cell pack MrBasic hasto run everything well.

These are all just suggestions, if there is something someone else would like to try, would be good to hear it.

My only concern about using Mr Basic is the availability. If we do a writeup on how to built the robot can people find and but it easy enough? Also which 2 legs of the triangle do we want to focus on? Fast, Cheap, Easy

Mr basic is after all just a board with two motors and two wheels. You can get similar results with a tamiya board and dobule-motor gearbox. 

I'd personally focus on the cheap. Something everyone can make though it does teach you something new, you didn't know how to do before. 

Yeah, the base doesn't really matter, just some motors and wheels and a body to stick them to.

I do have to say I'd object to the Tamiya twin motor gearbox, I've used one on a robot and burned a few motors with it.

The Solarbotics plastic gearmotors would be a much better choice. They're cheap.

Did find some more Dagu stuff, http://dagurobot.en.made-in-china.com/  the thing is, we don't know if their motors are any longer lasting.