Let's Make Robots!

LMR Global Project - Idea Phase

This thread will allow the build team of Jklug80, rik, Calculon320, slick, Edgee, CaptainTune and robologist to start working on the project and figure out what it is, what it will do and how to build it.

Currently the goal is to decide what the project is (what jklug80 proposed or something else), then we need a name for the robot, then we need a name for the group of 7 who are working on the project. We need a list of desired features, a list of REQUIRED features, and who will do what. LETS GET STARTED!

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No need to focus on easy. Of course do not make it too difficult either. It is up to us to create the first. Then write a decent walk through and provide drawings, photos, sample code, shopping lists. After all that, easy will just come along.

And we get to figure stuff out. That is the funnest part anyway.

.... can both be tasks for the user to attempt, among others. Bonus: a music note that can only be reached by a "thrown" object.

From the above discussion it sounds like we want to start off with a project that includes 1 robot and isn't overly affected by some latency due to the internet connection. The question now is what do we want out one bot to do? I would like it to be as self sufficient as possible. My idea is that once we build it and switch it on it cleans up after itself (if it shoots anythign it picks up the ammo and reloads), it feeds itself (charges when batteries get low), and can keep itself out of trouble (using walls or a line to give it boundries). We also need to think of how it could be abused (run into a wall forward or reverse, etc) and code it so it doesn't hurt itself.

So Ideas? What do we want it to do? Perhaps after we finish we can tweak it to have a friend that is also controlled via the intertubes and built from there. I like the soccer (futbol) idea but without a friend it would be a little boring and really requires zero latency. Do we want it to be able to pick up stuff, rearrange its environment, play music, etc?

This bot absolutely needs some sort of play pen. Visitors (robot operators) should not get control over its exact moves. All they can order the bot to do, is higher level functions. Like "pick up red block", "place item on cube", "find wall", "put your arms in the air, like you just don't care".

Of course, it would be super boring if you were only to give highest level orders like "do something really cool". The operators want to have some creative fun themselves. That's why the play pen needs to be challenging and rich in interactive features.


So our bot needs to be pretty self dependant. Autonomous in the way it executes sub-tasks. And it definitely would not "have a plan". 


The playing music idea stuck for a second. The "driver" could have the robot hit a button to play some tune and once the tune is going, the robot could do some sort of dance on it's own.

Picking up stuff/ throwing stuff would be cool. I wouldn't want the robot to pick up after itself, but have the "driver" do that, maybe picking up things to throw. The charging would need to be autonomous, but I think any environment manipulation should be "driven". 

The BP Explorer robot had little hidden messages that showed up in the camera view when driving the robot different places in their diorama. Note they had a camera view from the robot, as well as a couple overhead views of the box.

So there could be "hit a button" for music or whatever, "pick up something", "throw something", "find message" tasks that a driver could do, and a "recharge" task the robot could do. Maybe a"get unstuck" task and a "right side up" task for the robot too.

Hmm, what about a "draw or write" task? Might require too much fine control. 

Could be done by plotting whatever you want drawn on the screen and hitting go, the robot could then do it in a oner. 
Agreed, we now have to think what to put in the play pen... a plant that needs watering for example? A fire to be put out? A barbarian that needs to be sent home?

That's all I have to say.

No ammo to re-collect, just spots in the pen to slam.

Thats an awesome idea :D 


Only reason i suggested the balls is so it has something else to do other than build and destroy.  

would be a cool task. the reward? you get to shoot/throw/toss the ball.