Let's Make Robots!

LMR Global Project - Idea Phase

This thread will allow the build team of Jklug80, rik, Calculon320, slick, Edgee, CaptainTune and robologist to start working on the project and figure out what it is, what it will do and how to build it.

Currently the goal is to decide what the project is (what jklug80 proposed or something else), then we need a name for the robot, then we need a name for the group of 7 who are working on the project. We need a list of desired features, a list of REQUIRED features, and who will do what. LETS GET STARTED!

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Yeah, the base doesn't really matter, just some motors and wheels and a body to stick them to.

I do have to say I'd object to the Tamiya twin motor gearbox, I've used one on a robot and burned a few motors with it.

The Solarbotics plastic gearmotors would be a much better choice. They're cheap.

Did find some more Dagu stuff, http://dagurobot.en.made-in-china.com/  the thing is, we don't know if their motors are any longer lasting. 

K i guess lets list the features that we would like to have and we'll see where all of our wants/needs are.

Controllable via a web interface with a "live" webcam - NEED
Ability to recharge itself by docking and undocking unassisted by user - WANT
Ability to manipulate something (blocks, balls, etc) - NEED
Ability to avoid hitting a wall going forward and in reverse - NEED (to keep users from trying to get it to leave its confined space)

"Ability to avoid hitting a wall going forward and in reverse - NEED (to keep users from trying to get it to leave its confined space)" 



Maybe thats it, put them uin a cell, have thhe bot have two or three different "tools" at its disposal to escape :D  

I think we should start building up a basic robot following jklug's rules. As we build it more ideas may come.
I was hoping we could come up with 3 or 4 pieces so each person had somethign to work on them we combine. 1 person builds a base, 1 person build a claw that can go up down and maybe out and in, someone else builds a charging station, etc
Should we talk about/suggest different parts to work with?

NEED - Webcam - another group has discussed the use of webcams for a form of telepresence, as in the camera is on the robot as it is driven. The consesus of their research was that a Trendnet wireless TV-IP110W was a reasonable price to performance cam. It would appear as it's own node on a home 802.11g network. Alternatively, a wired cam could simply provide an overview of the area the robot operates in rather than a viewpoint from the robot. Another possible is a cheap wireless security cam that would require video capture from a whatever PC is doing the web service. This was an option abandoned due to interference experienced in the other group.

WANT - recharging - stages : first select power source to know what to charge, then come up with charger for that source, then how to find charger, then how to connect to charger.  Possible 4 AA NiMh pack, using an IC (Maxim) based charger, located by IR (40kHz modulated) beacon on charger/detectors (PNA4602) for aiming on robot, using 2 conductor pole at charger, and 2 spring ring contacts on robot

NEED - object manipulation - possible re-use of Fritzs arm robot idea (3 servos) ? Make a bobcat like scoop (1 - 2 servos)?  Stick one of these on top (too complex)?

NEED - obstacle avoidance - add some GP2D12s front and rear, or short range, PNA4602 and IR LEDs.

$150 for a wireless webcam is a bit expensive. I have one of these that I would like to try. I'm sure the framerate will be slower, but it could be a cheaper alternative. I'll see how fast or slow it looks when it is sent to a PC and then broadcast live. We could also make it an adventure and use a cheap USB webcam and make it wireless ourselves. Would be another good project ;)


have one of those, im currently trying to get the picture into processing, i have to find out how to change one varable and it should work. 


THe picture quality is ok, good frame rate but it suffers in different light.  

Light is an issue it always shows dark but nothing an LED wouldn't fix.

Awesome, that's $10 cheaper than the wireless security cam found above. That Trendnet cam is usually $100 on Amazon, but sometimes drops to $60 or so inexplicably. Still much higher.

Do you have some sort of video capture to use the Ebay cam? Does it have sound?