Let's Make Robots!

LMR Global Project - Idea Phase

This thread will allow the build team of Jklug80, rik, Calculon320, slick, Edgee, CaptainTune and robologist to start working on the project and figure out what it is, what it will do and how to build it.

Currently the goal is to decide what the project is (what jklug80 proposed or something else), then we need a name for the robot, then we need a name for the group of 7 who are working on the project. We need a list of desired features, a list of REQUIRED features, and who will do what. LETS GET STARTED!

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It would need to be quite positionable forgrabbing stuff. I suppose if the wheels are nice and hard, it can be positioned quite readily. Trouble with hard wheels is the lack of friction, though.

You reckon a skidsteer would be as steerable as a differntial drive? Might be worth a shot, I suppose.


The skids might be ok, haven't really talked about the arena surface, could wind up being someones linoleum floor. And whatever is being picked up is unknown too. jklug mentioned stacking stuff, which a diff drive might be better for, and there has also been throwing stuff talkedabout,which wouldn't matter on the drive system. 

What do you thinik of the little IR-Prox? Think it can be hacked into double duty, doing both obstacle avoidance and picking up charger beacon signals to home in to? 

Hey, just saw a link to a similar camera, cheaper, but may not be so after shipping, so maybe it's just a push. :
what about a robot that has to find its way out of a maze? that way u could have multipul players racing each other to get out of the maze. sorry about my spelling
Sounds like a good idea but it would require multiple cameras and a normal household connection wouldnt have the extra bandwidth to keep 2 cameras running at a speed fast enough for real time movement for a time based trial.
yeh i didnt think it through very well did i?:)