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TRM Navigation Robot

autonomous navigation

Updated on 2/15/09.

I've added a couple new pictures. Its running, but not optimized. Testing will follow, then I'll post some navigation video's, etc.


This is my navigation robot named TRM.














The game plan here is a simple small scale navigation robot.

But also to look visually interesting to promote robotics/science/technology.

I taught some of my local robotics group members with this robot build, as some of them have not built a robot before. So its construction wasn't as fast as I'd like it to have been.

The basic parts list is:

1 or 2 Wright Hobbies controllers - Atmel Mega 32

2 or more Sharp Long Range IR sensors (I've removed the sensor servos from the design, not needed)

Sensor mounts and switch mounts are hand made from aluminum sheet

1 Devantec Compass

1 Ashtech GPS module and antenna 

Battery's, I've switched to NiMH "D" cells instead of the LiPo packs for servo power

Controller battery's are parallel NiMH 9v cells

Servos - 6 Steering Hitech brand HS-311, 6 Drive GWS brand S03NXF

Servo mounts are hand made from Delrin blocks

Chassis is made from Lexan sheets, and hand made Standoffs

Wheels are Dave Brown Lite wheels 3" tall

General attachment - Servo tape is a wonderful invention (even better than duct tape!!!)

Programming - I prefer to use Bascom for Atmel microprocessors


Its running, but I'll add more later on.....


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Very cool design. I didn't know we had a St Louis robotics club.

Yeah its been around about 15+ years. I've been in it for over 10.

Look up the webpage and come to a meeting, don't forget to bring your robots!!!


This TRM robot is my robot, but I'm trying to get other group members involved in its construction.

The goal is the same as with this site, to get people building robots, supporting the hobby, progress technology, etc.




what is the age range at said event? Will I be surrounded by high school kids? :)

We've got all ages, but the older people come to the most meetings. The younger members tend to miss meetings here and there from doing other stuff. We also have weekly build sessions on Friday nights. There's typically 30-50 people per meeting, and around 10-15 per weekly build session. There's always a minimum of 3 robots per meeting/build session, and typically there's more.

The May meeting isn't going to be held at the library, we've got a special event that day, so check the forum and home page before going to that meeting.

May is a busy month maybe Ill go in June. I need to finish a robot I'm working on so I can show it off. I started it about 4 months ago. This will give me a target date!

i can't believe i never knew there was a stl robotics club

i lived in edwardsville for 3 years

 oh well 

I was just thinking the other day how nice it would be to have an active robotics club in the area, looks like I'm in luck.

Nice design.. I wonder how strong are those servos in some terrain? Could you post some test video, please? Just a MCU which sends commands to servos :-)

I'm still building it, but I'll post a video as soon as I get it running.
Here's a few updated pictures of this project. I'll add more as construction continues....