Let's Make Robots!

Some say it looks like an iron

Just drives around for now
robot.pde9.28 KB

Well here's my first attempt at a robot.  Seems like everyone I've showed it to asks me if I traced an iron for the base :)

Little disappointed by the speed of the GM9 motors.  I really should have gone with bigger wheels, but I just thought these looked cool.  Had to turn down some adaptors to make them work since they don't sell them.  

Next time I order motors I think I'm going with some spur gear motors. Just wish I didn't have to buy an expensive motor controller for them :(

 Base is made of 1/4" HDPE that I got from McMaster Carr for really cheap if anyone is interested.

Back wheel is from robotshop.us

 I attached my program in case anyone needs help with Arduino.  Not the greatest coding, but oh well.

Piezo buzzer in the code is not shown in my pictures. 


Future Plans: 

-Wiring up my TSL230 light sensor from Parallax.  Going to try to get this guy to search out an LED lamp on my floor.

-Build my controller using a wireless transmitter/reciever, serial lcd, and wii nunchuck

-The code currently allows me to connect the robot to my computer and press A (Autonomous) or R (Remote Control) using the serial monitor.  The controller with allow me to select modes, drive with nunchucks accelerometer, and see what robot is doing/seeing via serial lcd. 


Video soon! 






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