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Omni wheels and ball casters from DAGU

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DAGU electronics recently sent me some omni wheels and ball casters to check out. These are great for robots!

Big_double_Omni2.jpgsmall_double_Omni2.jpgThe double omni wheels have strong steel shafts supporting the rollers and are very sturdy. They are perfect for big heavy robots.

small_single_omni.jpg The single omni wheels have smaller rollers and a finer shaft but are still more than strong enough for the average LMR robot.

The all steel construction of the ball casters make them very strong, perfect for those big heavy Bots.

For information on prices, email Claudia.

claudiadagu at yahoo.com.cn


To see more information on these products go here.



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would the orange or the yellow omni wheels fit the mr basic axle???

I fitted a couple of the double (orange and grey) onto Mr. Tidy so he could turn easier but I had to made an adaptor out of a threaded spacer and electrical tape. The orange and yellow wheels have a much larger inside hole (14mm) and would need something like a polymorph hub made up if you want to use them.


seems like my plan can work after all
thanks oddbot


Who sells this stuff?

(and no, I am not paid to ask, but I recently paid extreme amounts to get some similar (most likely original) omni wheels from http://www.omniwheel.com)

Where, and at what price does the DAGU sell, anyone knows?

Hi guys,

We manufacture the Omniwheel and Transhweel (they yellow wheel you see above) as well as several other types of plastic and metal wheels. We also sell mecanum wheels. You can check out a recent blog post here for some information about using these for robots, with some solutions for mounting.


Here are the more popular Transwheel designs for small robots, with the stickier polypropylene wheels


These are a couple bucks a piece purchased individually. Perhaps you were looking at the price for the large, heavy-duty "Omniwheel" steel wheels for industrial applications, which are more expensive. We provide the "omniwheel.com" link because it is such a common (and commonly copied) generic name for omni-directional wheels, which includes Transwheel, mecanum wheels, etc.

We are continally working on new designs especially for robotics applications so we welcome any feedback!

Andrew Kornylak

Kornylak Corporation


I knew this would be asked sooner rather than later. Many of their products get sold through places like Pololu. I was asked to possibly sell their products but I am not in a position to run an online store. For now you will have to email Claudia.

Use the link I posted for more information on the wheels including the part numbers.