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Messing with the Picaxe editor help menu

When researching the exact connections on my 28x1 projectboard, I scowered my directory C:\Program Files\Programming Editor\datasheets\ and found user.txt.

And guess what? It lets you change the help menu in your editor.


That fourth option was not there before! All that was needed was one extra line in the textfile:
PCB hackers need to Read this F*****g Manual now!=c:\Program Files\Programming Editor\datasheets\axe001_pcb.pdf

By the way, this pdf has the layouts for Picaxe projectboard PCB's. Like the picaxe28.


 Which looks nothing like my 28x1 PCB 8-(

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Hai Oddbot

With ur help I made project with this board for destroying mosquitos 2years ago .Now I want another help how can I add aL293D IC with this board ?

Hai Maxhirez,

Thank you for ur replay.But

It is picaxe 20 pin board I need 28x1 board