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Problems programming...

I have been using my PICAXE 28X1 board with success for a while now, and I decided to move on. I have breadboarded a PICAXE 28X1, but programming success is a little iffy. 99% of the time, the download page comes up with a normal downloading screen, but only one dot loads.




and then...




Any ideas? Yes, I did not make the download circuit right (everyone simultaneously shakes their head) as I did not use any resistors. Cuz I don't have any. Probably will not anytime soon...

Sometimes it works though! 

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Yeah, voodoo, you're right, but that is a spare chip, so I figure more micros = more robots = COMBAT TIME!!
Alright, then I guess this post was kind of stupid. :D  Maybe there is a way to delete posts to save bandwidth..
Tough love is a comodity that LMR has in abundance :-)

it'll help others to not make the same mistake...but yeah oddbot is right, you risk frying your gear not to mention the major FAIL factor....

No reason to breadboard the proc if you don't have to....I'd recommend putting it back on it's main setup and making sure it works....

You can btw note this as a "never do that again"  thing

If you don't have ay resistors then not only won't it work properly but you risk destroying your pickaxe. RTFM!!!

Get some resistors (10K, 22K) before you start another forum asking why your pickaxe died :(