Let's Make Robots!

Robot Fight!

So, Ok.  The SES had a bit of an unfair advantage.  But hey.  The plastic linkage controlling the gripper on the Lynx 6 broke when I over extended the gripper picking up an object.   Why did I take the time to pick up a roll of yellow duct tape during a fight?  Well, the Lynx 6 was already moslty incapacitated, and  I thought the Lynx 6 might need it.    

Always bring a roll of duct tape to a robot fight!  :)

It's all good though.  I have a replacement on order, and the Lynx 6 will come back for round 2! 

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I think you should add hydraulic rams and steel plating on your Lynx. Totally whoop the SES butt!
you should have them arm-wrestle or something like that, cuz that was kinda unfair when the yellow arm wasn't even on! :)

Yes exactly! :)  I'm going to start getting the Lynx 6 up and working.  But if they were to arm-wrestle, the SES would snap the Lynx in half. I have parts on order for the Lynx 6.  They should be here tomorrow.

We need more robotized drama like this. Thanks Semicton.
Nice "laughing" :D